Priority (Emergency) Landing of Cebu Pacific Flight 454C

It’s just an ordinary workday at the office a day after the Flood Without a Name when I saw this tweet from The NAIA Guy:

I immediately checked the course of the flight based on the link:

I hurriedly grabbed my camera and waited for the flight to touchdown not knowing what the actual emergency was. I managed to take a shot or two of the plane upon landing at the NAIA:

After downloading the photo from my camera, I noticed that the right engine’s thrust reverser wasn’t activated after landing. Apparently, as reported by DZMM, the plane landed with just a single engine.

For those who are not familiar with plane and aviation stuff, this kind of incident happens once in a blue moon. The pilots will just have to follow the standard operating procedures (based on their trainings, and manuals onboard the aircraft) to land the aircraft safely.

Kudos to the pilots and props to The NAIA Guy for the heads up!

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