PayMaya Visa Card with Beep(TM) Works with PayPal!

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I just successfully added my PayMaya Visa card with BeepTM as a “credit card” in my PayPal account.

Where did I got my PayMaya Visa Card? Well, I normally take the MRT if I am compelled to attend client meetings (face-ot-face, that is) as far as Quezon City (and one time, in Valenzuela City). So, it is imperative for me to have an MRT 3 BeepTM card. One time, I chanced upon the PayMaya booth in one of the MRT 3 Stations. I asked the booth personnel if that PayMaya card works like any ordinary Visa Debit card, and I was given an assurance that it can also work with PayPal.

I also thought that I will be able to use the load of my PayMaya Visa card to ride the MRT 3 (since it is a BeepTM card in itself), but I assumed too much (that will be the topic of another blog post soon).

Going back, here are the things that you need to know before you attempt to add your PayMaya Visa card to your PayPal account:

  • Make sure that your PayMaya account has around PHP150 load before attempting to add your PayMaya Visa card to PayPal:
  • PayPal will charge your debit card US$1 as soon as you add it to your PayPal account. This transaction is mandatory to check if your debit/credit card is valid or not.
  • PayPal will charge your debit card PHP100 when you attempt to verify your newly added debit card in your PayPal account. This verification process will result to a transaction with the PP* code. You will need to enter this code in your PayPal account to finish the card verification process.
  • Don’t worry, both  the US$1 and PHP100 fees will be returned to your PayPal account soon after you verified the addition of your PayMaya Visa card to your PayPal.

Now, you may enjoy the power of your PayMaya Visa card with the awesomeness of PayPal. No need to make those last minute trips to the bank to top-up your debit card (like what we normally do with our UnionBankPH EON account). PayMaya Visa card load up can be done via the following:

Screenshot 2016-02-22 14.04.31

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