PAO Chief Persida Rueda-Acosta Is NOT Civil Service Eligible (Shame on You!)

You had read it right: Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) head Persida Rueda-Acosta is NOT Civil Service Eligible. Actually, she took the Philippine Civil Service Exam (Career Executive Service Eligibility Exam) in 2003, and FAILED!

It may not be a big deal for some, but if you’re a public servant (and not an elected person) isn’t that a requirement in the first place? I know for a fact that all those who serve in the government had at least passed the Civil Service Eligibility Exam, in one time or another. In case of PAO lawyers, a law exempted them from taking such exam in order to hold their current positions. But in the case of Atty. Rueda-Acosta, she was holding on to her position before this law was enacted.

I saw her interview on TV tonight, and it is such a shame that no less than the current head of PAO telling the reporter that she took the Civil Service Eligibility Exam just for fun(?) — it’s like slapping the entire Civil Service Commission and those people who took (and passed) their exams.

As a tax payer, I think Atty. Rueda-Acosta should just resign from her post now — out of shame. It is such a disgrace that she got promoted to whatever position in the government she is holding now without passing the Civil Service Exam.

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  1. I agree with you my friend. All high ranking officers should have a career service eligibility to stay on their place. It’s unfair for those ordinary government employees that don’t have their civil service eligibility and are now jobless or soon to be jobless. Or better yet she should get a career service eligibility again. I know lots of people who have high grades on career service and cannot even enter the government offices. Nakakahiya.. be fair.

  2. As far as I know all bar passers and those holding any PRC license are automatically qualified (in lieu of the civil service exams) for any public office. I don’t know about you but such exams are much harder compared to the Civil Service Licensure exams.

  3. Probably a necro post since it was already ruled that she is eligible. Also to give emphasis that she has first grade civil service eligibility. I still want to comment… Holding on the position before the law was enacted? it was enacted on the year 1954 here is the pertinent law…



    Section 1. The bar examinations and the examinations given by the various boards of examiners of the Government are declared as civil service examinations, and shall, for purposes of appointment to positions in the classified service the duties of which involve knowledge of the respective professions, except positions requiring highly specialized knowledge not covered by the ordinary board examinations, be considered as equivalent to the first grade regular examination given by the Bureau of Civil Service if the profession requires at least four years of study in college and the person has practiced his profession for at least two years, and as equivalent to the second grade regular examination if the profession requires less than four years of college study.

    Section 2. The Commissioner of Civil Service shall be furnished by the Clerk of the Supreme Court and the Secretary of the Board of Examiners a list of the successful candidates in the respective bar or board examinations with their general averages, and preference shall be given to those obtaining the highest ratings in making appointments: Provided, That for those who have already passed the corresponding bar or board examinations, the eligibility shall be deemed to commence from the approval of this Act.

    Section 3. The Commissioner of Civil Service shall promulgate the rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Act.

    Section 4. The benefits granted under this Act shall not prescribe, the provisions of civil service law or regulations notwithstanding.

    Section 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

    Approved: June 15, 1954

  4. ang mahirap kasi dyan eh, kailangan mo talagang kumuha ng civil service exam kahit na ikaw ang pinaka qualified sa position among other prospective applicants. for example yung mga positions na kailangan ng advance knowledge sa technology. tapos sobrang taas pa ng passing grade (85%) na sa tingin ko eh isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit konti ang nakakapasa. paano kung mahina ka sa math, pero sobrang galing mo sa public administration na tinalo mo pa mga congressmen, tapos hindi ka nakapasa sa exam? sayang skills… at oo hindi ako nakapasa kaya ganyan comment ko. honestly if i’m going to take the exam again, that will be my 3rd… hehehe

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