Other Ways to Install Firefox for Android

The easiest (and fastest) way to install Firefox for Android is through the Google Play Store. But some may feel it heartbreaking (if not frustrating) when they find this app not compatible with their current mobile device. I will list down some alternate ways to install Firefox for Android on your device.



First things first: here are the requirements for the current version of Firefox for Android to work on your device:

  • Your device must be running Android 2.2 or later; and
  • Your device must have an ARMv7 processor.


Installation of Firefox for Android also requires around 17MB of internal or SD card storage and it runs best on devices with at least 512MB of RAM. The current version of Firefox for Android is not yet ready for tablets (as of this writing), but rest assured that the team is working hard on it.

If you really want to test Firefox for your Android device, I suggest that you download either Firefox Aurora (version 15) for Android or the Nightly build version through these links:

Qrcode-fennec-aurora-android.png   Qrcode-fennec-nightly-android.png

Do not forget to share your feedback to the Mozilla Community or through Bugzilla after installing these builds on your Android devices.

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