The President of the Philippines (I’m still wary of her legitimacy) declared the following dates as the official holidays of the republic for 2009, based on Proclamation 1699 dated 24 December 2008:

06 APR 2009   Araw ng Kagitingan (instead of 09 APR 2009)
09 APR 2009   Maundy Thursday
10 APR 2009   Good Friday
01 MAY 2009   Labor Day
21 AUG 2009   Ninoy Aquino Day
12 JUN 2009   Independence Day
31 AUG 2009   National Heroes Day
02 NOV 2009   Additional Non-working Holiday (just after the All Saints Day)
30 NOV 2009   Bonifacio Day
24 DEC 2009   Additional Non-working Holiday (Christmas Eve)
25 DEC 2009   Christmas Day
30 DEC 2009   Rizal Day

I am just wondering why 31 DEC 2009 (last day of the year) was not declared a holiday.

Proclamation 1699 (703)

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  1. rosie says:

    thank you for the holidays!!! I hope Dec. 31 is also a nonworking day!

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