Why You Need to Have a Travel Health Insurance?

Being a frequent (air) traveler, both here and abroad, the last thing I wish not to have during any travel is headache. Not that I dislike traveling, but I hate to encounter any sort of trouble or unnecessary headache while away from home.

Being a foreigner in somebody else’s land, one nightmare I do not want to experience is having my flight back home canceled. Imagine the hassle of not having enough cash or resources to cover your additional day/s of stay abroad because your plane ride is not available.

What could even be worst is when you have to cancel your entire trip for any valid reason. But, did you know that if you cancel your trip, all deposits made will be forfeited in favor of the supplier or the hotel where you are supposed to stay? If you have a travel insurance, this can be well covered off by them. For some insurance providers, you could even recover or reimburse unused portions of your trip.

As my friends in the insurance industry would always tell me, “if you think health or travel insurance is expensive, try getting sick out of the Philippines.” Sudden and unexpected medical treatment outside of your home country is really expensive.

How can you enjoy your travel, especially if it is holiday or vacation related when your stuff is not with you. Good thing, it has had never happened to me (and praying it won’t happen to me anytime soon). Imagine landing to your dream destination in one piece, but your stuff (luggage, baggage) are nowhere in sight. Only if you have a travel insurance, it would be less of a worry.

There are places in the world where political or civil unrest is most-likely to happen. There are also places on this planet where civil unrest or political emergencies may happen without warning. What if you’re at the right place at the wrong time? Are you prepared to extend your trip against your will, since outbound flights might be canceled until situations in that place become stable?

Almost same with the reasons one would cancel his/her trip must be covered by a travel insurance under trip interruption. Reimbursement of the unused value of your trip plus pays the cost of one-way airfare up to the plan’s limit is usually covered by this type of insurance. Reasons for trip interruption includes getting sick, figuring out in an accident, and the like.

Having accumulated a hundred revenue flights as a passenger, I had tried several travel insurance providers already. One travel insurance provider that I could personally recommend is Malayan Insurance‘s Travel Master. This insurance product will get you covered with almost anything that you need during times of emergencies and you’re on travel. How awesome is that?

The wise traveler takes the Boy Scouts motto of “always prepared” or “be prepared” by heart on each of his/her trips. As the saying goes, better safe and prepared than sorry. So next time that you travel, be sure to have your travel insurance ready.

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