NAIA Terminal 3 to Open June 2008

It seems that this one is for real. If you are going to pass by the NAIA Terminal 3 (Villamor Air Base), you will notice a lot of improvements in its vicinity. A new traffic scheme was implemented in Andrews Avenue (from Domestic Road til Terminal 3) since last week. Sana, this time, totoo nang pagbubukas ng Terminal 3.

Now, just to serve as reference if ever you will be flying an aircraft at the NAIA (hehehe):

Radio Frequencies to Remember:

Manila Tower = 118.1 (my radio unit is tuned to 121.9, which is for Ground)
Ramp1 = 121.7 | 121.6 | 128.8
Ramp2 = 123.25 (Domestic Ramp)
Manila RDO = 5447.5 | 3834 | 124.0 (listening watch only)
Clnc Del = 125.1
Manila ATIS = 126.4
Manila CON = 128.3
Manila APP = 119.7 | 121.1

If you have a multi-band radio unit, you may try tuning in any of the frequencies and hear the conversations between the controllers and aircraft pilots live! (Just don’t interfere with their communications, OK?!)

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  1. well, my boss from cebu pac told me, no truth to the news of cebu pac will use the terminal. i dont know who will use it. press release lang daw yun ng miaa.

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