MSN Groups Closing Down; Multiply Takes Over

It has been confirmed by yesterday that the MSN Groups service will cease to operate as part of Microsoft on 21 FEB 2009. Prior to this confirmation, various mailing lists and forums had been discussing the rumor that circulated about the closure of MSN Groups either by end of this year or early next year. A similar confirmation has been released by Charlotte Jones, Group Product Manager at Microsoft.

Apparently, the reason for the closure of MSN Groups is attributed to the launch of Microsoft Windows Live Groups in November 2008, and Microsoft do not want to have two “competing products” inside their fence.

The good news is that the operations of MSN Groups has been turned-over to, an emerging name in social networking, especially here in the Philippines (next to Friendster).

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  1. I can see why you’re closing msn groups down, but couldn’t you make a something more user friendly? I’ve recently switched my group over to “Multiply” and it’s FARTHEST from user friendly. Microsoft has been really letting me down lately. I’m sure others feel the same too.

  2. I have owned a group 5 years on msn group. It’s suck to make it close
    down, I judt don’t know what to do cos Multipoop is worse than msn group. Fortunately I found Aimoo, they say they could move my group to my new home there. I tried and guess what, it’s perfect. All my pages from my group is archived intactly, message boards, pictures and backgrounds. Plus, it’s easier to manage and you could have a pretty
    good chat room and picture storage more than 3 MB. I think I find the
    right place to move, anyone could try it out, it’s worthy to go. You may first look, think that may tell more.

  3. why is it that our major chat clients like yahoo and msn are suddenly closing down? Is it due to whats going on with the stock market? People like me who arent group owner but like to connect with fellow people in their interest groups need a place to go, i live in a town of over 100,000 and i have no place to go for my interests the internet is my only outlet for now.


  4. It is a shame that MSN have decided to close their groups section, as all the managers have put in a lot of hard work to create their groups and by doing so have made a lot of friend worldwide.
    I have gone with Multiply, though a lot different as it does not deal with HTML but CSS which is said to be easier, As I know HTML I can only say no it’s not easier. I will leave my groups on multiply but I am also going to check out aimo… Thanks Zac

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