Mozilla Philippines HTML5 & Firefox OS (B2G) Roadshow

The Mozilla Philippines Community held its very first HTML5 & Firefox OS (B2G) Roadshow at the Valero Telepark, Makati City earlier tonight.


Invited to the event were members of the media (TV, radio, print, & online – bloggers), IT Professionals, and friends of the Mozilla Philippines Community from the academe. The roadshow shocases what the activities and efforts of Mozilla are in the Philippines; HTML5 technology; and the upcoming Firefox OS (formerly known as Boot to Gecko or B2G).

Mozilla Philippines Community Manager Jun Barrun gave an introduction to what Mozilla believes, advocate, as well as a run through of the different products aside from the popular Firefox web browser. Jun also discussed the different activities and localization efforts being undertaken by the Mozilla Philippines Community, alongside the on-going recruitment of Mozilla Reps (ReMo) and Mozilla Student Reps all over the country.

For my part, I had my very first public run of the slide deck (HTML5 not PowerPoint) courtesy of Chris Heilmann — Mozilla and the New Web Challenge. I also had the privilege of making a public demonstation of Firefox OS running on a Samsung Nexus S (test device). I was brave enough that night to challenge an Apple iPhone user and had a boot up race. Michelle Santos of Globe Labs was willing to be part of the challenge, so she lent me her device up on stage … gave her a 3-second head start before I pressed the power button of the Firefox OS device and still managed to win! One awesome feature of the Firefox OS is that it boots faster than any other smart phone currently available in the market (even made another challenge after the event, this time the Firefox OS device against a Samsung Galaxy S III running on Jellybean — Firefox OS still won!).

On behalf of Team Mozilla Philippines Community, we would like to thank the following for the support that they given to make the very first HTML5 & Firefox OS (B2G) Roadshow a successful event:

  • Ms. Michelle Santos and her team at Globe Labs (Globe Telecoms) for letting us use their corporate showroom at the Valero Telepark;
  • Alma, Archie, & Maiko of Osio’s Catering for the sumptuous snacks tonight; and
  • Mr. Vladimir Lima of Milk + Honey Photo & Cinematics for the photo coverage (event photos are at my Flickr)

Of course, I would like to personally thank my fellow ReMo’s and Mozillian volunteers for throwing in their support on to this event …

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