Mozilla Philippines Community Business Planning 2013 (Part 1)

The leadership of the Mozilla Philippines Community, headed by Community Manager Eusebio Barrun Jr. held a Business Planning session earlier today to discuss the direction and plans of the group for 2013.


In attendance to the event were Mozilla Reps Allan Caeg, Jean Austin Rodriguez, Kemuel Joseph Domanog, Aaron Cajes, and myself. Also in the planning session was Monique Almario, the first Filipino recognized as a Mozilla WebFWD Scout.


A review of the activities we had this year (and we still have one coming up on the 29th) as well as planning for the upcoming ones (read as Q1 2013) form part of the meeting.


In celebration of 2012 being an awesome year for the community, Jean brought some Firefox cupcakes (coupled with some IE ones — don’t discount the fact that you will need IE [most of the times] to install Firefox on a Windows machine) during the meeting.


We would like to thank Ms. Michelle Santos of Globe Labs for selflessly coordinating the use of their Corporate Showroom as venue for the business planning session.

This is just the kickoff of Business Planning 2013 … exciting things are to come in 2013.


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