Microsoft Event Attendance

Due to previously set appointments this day, I was only able to “peek” at the Microsoft Philippines Launch of its new server products around lunch time already at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

It was nice, because I was able to meet again my fellow techies from the Microsoft Philippines Community, as well as meet Fritz for the first time in flesh. He is a fellow alumni at PAREF-Southridge School (way back High School).

A confusion arised when the registration people was not able to see my name (with the correct company name) in their database. I had to ask someone from Microsoft Philippines to tell the registration personnel that I was actually “invited” to the event (being a “registered” attendee is different from an “invited” one). My name (and correct company name) appeared in the printed database of Microsoft. That’s the time the organizers allowed me to enter the conference. Was able to get the attendee’s kit, an orange tote bag cum knapsack with some goodies inside.

stage at the EDSA Shang ...
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