Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

I do not know. But I guess brushing their teeth is one routine kids normally hate. Am I right? Having a 9-year old son and a 2-year old daughter, I can’t help but notice that it takes a little bit of effort every morning to convince them to brush their teeth properly.

Now, how can you make brushing more fun for the family?

(On a not so serious note) The family that brush their teeth together, stays together ;-)

(On a more serious note) We need to explain to our kids the importance of brushing their teeth. Having a nice set of healthy teeth is indeed an asset by itself.




Good thing Colgate, the world’s number one brand when it comes to dental care, came up with Minions themed oral care pack for kids aged 2-5 years old and kids 5-9 years of age. The oral care packs include Colgate’s Minions toothbrush and Minions toothpaste. How kewl is that?! I bet, brushing will never be this fun once your kids set their eyes on the oral care packs.

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