Mabuhay! Blessed Pope John Paul II (We Love You!)

Today marks another chapter in the colorful life of Karol Wojtyla, popularly known to the Christendom as Pope John Paul II, as he is beatified by his successor Pope Benedict XVI – another first in the history of the Roman Catholic Church wherein the former Pope will be beatified by his immediate successor.


I was fortunate enough to see Pope John Paul II up close when he visited the Philippines in January of 1995 for the World Youth Day. I was in 3rd Year High School then, and I volunteered as a Medic for our school. It was a Saturday, the day before the historic 15 JAN 1995 Holy Mass of Pope John Paul II which was recorded (and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, too) as the largest Papal gathering in Roman Catholic history with over 5 million in attendance*. As the Papal convoy was leaving the Quirino Grandstand (Luneta), the Presidential Security Group asked the WYD volunteers to form a human chain along the route towards Roxas Blvd. Since I was wearing our school’s WYD vest with the “VOLUNTEER” marking at the back, I and several of my schoolmates were asked to be part of that human barricade. Then minutes later, here comes the head of the Papal convoy followed by the Popemobile and John Paul II waved at us! What they say is true: you’ll be frozen the moment you see the Pope in person – saying to be star struck is an understatement.

Mabuhay ang Santo Papa Juan Paulo II! Blessed John Paul II, pray for us.



In celebration of this momentous event, hereunder is the lyrics of the World Youth Day 1995: Tell the World of His Love.

Tell the World of His Love

Composed by Trina Belamide


For God so loved the world,
He gave us His only Son,
Jesus Christ our Savior,
His Most Precious One.

He has sent us His message of love,
And sends those who hear,
To bring the message to everyone,
In a voice loud and clear.


Let us tell the world of His love,
The greatest love the world has known,
Search the world for those who have walked astray,
And lead them home.
Fill the world’s darkest corners,
With His light from up above,
Walk every step, every mile, every road,
And tell the world,
Tell the world of His love.

(Repeat 1,2, Refrain)
(Repeat Refrain)

The greatest love the world has known,
Walk every step, every mile, every road,
And tell the world,
Tell the world,
Tell the world of His love.
Tell the world of His love.


Tell the World of His Love_Page_01

Download the entire score sheet here.

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