Jollibee Launches the HappyPlus Card

Last 12 Nov 2011, while ordering at Jollibee for lunch after my Saturday class, I noticed this device connected to the POS of the cashier:


I asked her on what will it’s use be, as it looks similar to the Octopus Card RFID terminals we saw in Hong Kong when we went there last August. Her reply is that it will soon be utilized for a rewards program. Hmmm … sounds interesting.

Just this afternoon, I saw a post in Facebook about the HappyPlus card to be launched by the Jollibee Group next Monday, the 23rd of January 2012:


HappyPlus is some sort of a virtual wallet, that you may use in any of the Jollibee Group fastfood branch in Metro Manila (initially). All I wish is for the success of this endeavor. Hopefully, the same system will be used sooner or later in the MRT, buses, taxi cabs, or even at the cinema. Kudos to Jollibee group!

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