Jollibee Delivery Sucks: 2012 Edition

It has been more than five (05) years ago since the last time I made a complaint against Jollibee Delivery 8-7000. Tonight, I got somewhat lazy to go out to buy a kiddie meal for my kiddo – he’s trying to collect all of the Tom & Jerry toys they have now and he was behaved the whole day today (he even went to take an afternoon nap), thus I phoned in 8-7000. To maximize the delivery, I ordered for the following:

  • 01 Chicken Joy Kiddie Meal + 02 Extra Gravy (take note!) – I explicitly indicated that the toy should be the Barrel Blast Off (the only toy lacking from my son’s collection)
  • 01 Spaghettti (a la carte)
  • 01 Palabok (a la carte)
  • 01 2-pc Burger Steak (a la carte)
  • 04 Regular Yum with Cheese (a la carte)
  • 01 Extra Large Fries


My total bill was around PHP580++. The 8-7000 operator asked me to sync my time: 1830H. I was advised that due to “bad weather” the delivery period may take somewhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Some 60 minutes after, time check: 1930H – and the Jollibee delivery is still nowhere in sight! I called 8-7000 again (using our “prepaid landline” – take note!) and I was advised that the delivery has been dispatched from Jollibee MCS (Makati Cinema Square) branch at around 1905H. Since it was past the timeframe given to me when I ordered, I was told that I will receive a PHP200 Gift Certificate (GC) as compensation for the late delivery.

After another 25 minutes, the Jollibee delivery arrived! Apologizing that he was late due to the number of deliveries he had made! I didn’t care, me and my son are already starving! My son was actually crying already, since it was around lunch time when he had his last meal.

Now, here are my points against the delivery:

  • Delivery was done almost 90 minutes after I placed the order!
  • The toy sent was not the one I ordered! The 8-7000 confirmed that the specific toy I need was available when I ordered; now the branch manager is telling me otherwise! Had I known that the specific toy I want is not available, then why will still order for a Kiddie Meal?!
  • The French Fries were soggy already!
  • The food items were subjected to “temperature abuse” already – check your HACCP Manuals, please.
  • I was NOT given the PHP200GC!
  • Look at the “extra gravy” that you sent:





Based on the photos of the gravy container above, it seems that the sauce was “too hot” when it was poured into that plastic material – making the cover to “melt”!

I am DEMANDING A WRITTEN EXPLANATION about this mishap from your company within the next 72 hours before I will make a formal complaint to the DTI, DOH, and FDA.

[Email has been sent to Jollibee Foods Corp. via Facebook and Email Contact Form at their website]

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