Jollibee 87-000 Sucks!

I mean it, big time!

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, after attending the 9.30am mass, my wife and I headed on to the house of my parents. It was around 10.45am then, and I told my dad not to cook anymore. We’ll just order at KFC. Unfortunately, all of the KFC branches near our house were closed. They’re going to take our orders if we are willing to wait for one and a half hours. What?! So, never mind KFC.

My brother and I thought of Jollibee, as there are atleast three (03) branches near our place. So I placed an order for two (02) buckets of chicken joy (six pieces each), costing around Php700++, with specific instructions that all be in white meat, as both of my parents have medical conditions that restricts them to having white meat only. I made that instruction clear with the call center agent who took my order. He said that it will be done. He will coordinate with branch who will deliver to us.

Less than thirty minutes later, their rider came and I accepted the buckets. My mistake that I didn’t checked on the contents of the bucket. To our surprise, what was inside the buckets were pieces of chicken wings and thin legs. I immediately called 87-000 and inquired why was that given to us, despite the specific instructions. What the call center agent did was to transfer me to their Customer Service. No one answered. I waited until the ring changed to a busy tone. Tried calling 87-000 again. And finally, after the fourth try, I was able to speak with a Customer Service Agent. They apologized, but I didn’t accepted their lame excuse that it was the fault of the branch. So what the CS agent did was to ask the Branch Manager to give me a call. Minutes later, already starving and angry, the Branch Manager gave me a call and apologized. She said that there was no instruction and she even told the Call Center (87-000) that they only had wings and legs (that looks like they were leftovers two days ago). I called 87-000 again, asked for the agent who took my order, and he said that he gave the instructions clearly to the branch who will deliver. Ahhh .. we’re going in circles now. The Call Center blaming the Branch, and the Branch Manager blaming the Call Center. I banged the phone and went online to make a formal complain, carbon copy DTI.

We ended-up having a meal from Max’s :P

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  1. so what happened after the report with DTI? my friend and our student in college have broken glasses stuck in their stomachs (and everywhere na) after eating ice craze last aug 14, 2009. an operation might be done on the 3rd year college student. just today also aug 19, another student ordered burger in same branch and found a broken glass in the patty.

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