Is It Hard to Obey Traffic Rules & Signs?

Is it really hard to obey traffic rules & signs? Or are there too many stupid, hardheaded, and dumbass drivers here in Metro Manila now?

Maybe the following pictures (taken at the South Parking of SM Mall of Asia today) can explain the answers to my questions above:

You see, if the simple arrow signs painted on the floors at multi-level parking areas are not follow by some motorists, what more the other traffic signs outside in the roads? If I am Henry Sy (owner of the SM Group), I will make these crazy motorists, who do not follow the painted arrow lanes in the parking areas, pay for the cost of having these lanes placed there.

Last Thursday, I was driving home from Ayala Center Makati at around past 8PM along Esperanza St. In front of McDonald’s Greenbelt (where Esperanza St. terminates at the corner of Paseo de Roxas), there are two (02) traffic signs: a NO LEFT TURN sign and a traffic signal light, which is operational at that time. I was leading a pack of vehicles when the traffic light turned amber (orange), thus I stopped before it turned red. The drivers at my back can see that there ain’t no vehicle crossing from both directions, so they started honking at me — one taxi driver even making a signal for me to go ahead even if the traffic light is still on red.

You see, the licenses of these drivers should be revoked (not suspended only) for gross ignorance of traffic rules , regulations, and signs! Can’t we work hand-in-hand to make the roads safer, again.

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  1. Bob, hats of to you my friend! I wish the rest of the drivers back in Manila would think the way you do. Here in the good ole USA, we do follow traffic signs/signals because if not, we might get an unwanted ticket from our non corrupt police officer, or we might be involved in an accident that would put our car insurance premium through the roof. You see, the Philippines is still run by corrupt officers who would turn a blind eye when they are given some money, or maybe those vehicles that are disobeying traffic signs have vehicles that are not insured, so they don’t care.

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