Is Domain Cloaking Possible with cPanel?

By default, cPanel does not have a built-in function or tool that will let you cloak a domain name or website. But first, what is domain name cloaking?

Let’s say, you bought a domain name: and you want users to see your Friendster (or Multiply) profile site when they point their web browsers to your domain. One option you have is to use cPanel’s built-in Redirects tool. But what’s the down side? When people point their web browsers to, they shall be redirected to something like or — with the redirected URL shown on the web browser’s address bar. If you do not want this to happen, a work-around is to cloak your domain name.

Basically, the trick behind cloaking is to create a framed webpage (covering the entire width of the user’s web browser) that bears the redirected website. If you’re just too busy to study the FRAMES in HTML, you may want to use instead.

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