Hunger in Manila

Let me tell you of these two stories:

One: My dad and mom recently attended a family gathering at McDonald’s in Evangelista Makati City. During the course of the gathering, my dad chanced upon this neatly-dressed and groomed guy, who seems to be finding a vacant seat that night at the said fastfood branch. Minutes later, what my dad and mom saw really shocked them, and I was, too when they told me about it the next day: the guy wait for a couple to finish their meal. Once the couple had left their seats, this guy poured the leftover meals and drinks to one of the styro containers and went to the comfort room. This really broke my heart into pieces. My dad checked on the guy at the CR to give him some food, but he was too late, the guy already left.

Two: We visited my aunt at the PGH yesterday. We had decided to just take the LRT on our way to the hospital, for a change. Leaving the hospital, on our way to Makati City, we decided to take the jeepney. Somewhere in Pedro Gil, there was this young guy who boarded the jeepney where we’re in and began wiping all the shoes of the passengers (including my mom’s feet, since she was just wearing sandals that time). After that, he asked each and every passenger for some alms. My dad gave him some, for it seems that he had not taken any meals for days now. Again, it really broke my heart into pieces.

What’s my point in telling you these stories? Simple: what is the government doing to stop hunger? I remember this foundation that feeds the people within the vicinity of the Quiapo Church everyday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with “lugaw”. Then one day, the Liberal Party (wherein the President is affiliated to) will celebrate their anniversary at the Plaza Miranda (in front of the Quiapo Church), the PSG didn’t allowed the foundation to distribute meals to the poor and hungry, because they are considered to be a threat in the security of the President. Damn! Hungry persons are now considered to be a security threat?! Well, atleast it is because they at the government always have full stomachs. Thanks to the “people” who had “voted” for them. 

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