How to Use Smart Money to Fund PayPal Payments Online

Did you know that you can actually use your Smart Money account to fund your PayPal when buying stuff (or services) online? Here’s my “unofficial” guide on how to use Smart Money to fund PayPal payments:

  1. If you have a Smart SIM card (postpaid or prepaid), activate your Smart Money using the SIM Toolkit or Smart SIM Menu.
  2. After activation (or if you are already using Smart Money), request for a Smart Money MasterCard (physical card) at any Smart Wireless Center or online through here. You will be paying around PHP100 for the card. Wait for a week or two for the delivery of your Smart Money MasterCard.
  3. Upon receiving your Smart Money MasterCard, link the physical card to your Smart Money account using your mobile phone; you may also be required to call the Smart Money Hotline to activate the physical card prior to completing the linking process.
  4. Now that your Smart Money MasterCard is active, may sure that your account has at least PHP200 balance before proceeding to the next step — adding your Smart Money MasterCard to your PayPal account.
  5. Login to your PayPal account. Go to Profile > Add/Edit Credit Card. Click on Add a Card and key-in the required information. Upon completing this step, PayPal will test if your Credit Card (Smart Money MasterCard in this case) is valid by charging around PHP100 from it. Don’t you worry, this amount will be credited back to your PayPal account after 24-48 hours.
  6. If you are successful in Step #5, congratulations! You had just linked your Smart Money MasterCard with your PayPal account.

Now, one thing that you will have to do every time that you will be doing a PayPal transaction is to “unlock” your Smart Money MasterCard for internet transaction. This is a safety feature added by Smart Money around a year or two ago to avoid fraudsters from using your Smart Money MasterCard online. To unlock your Smart Money MasterCard, just go to the Smart Money Menu > Card Mgmt > Txn Lock > Unlock > Internet.

Always remember that:

  1. The Smart Money MasterCard is a DEBIT card and not a CREDIT card: it will not work if it does not have funds in it.
  2. If you “unlock” your Smart Money MasterCard, you have 15 minutes to finish the online transaction. Smart Money will automatically “lock” your card after this time frame.
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  1. too bad, my smartmoney account eat up some of my money without even unlocking it for internet transaction, and now it ended up having negative balance due to some merchants sending bills and deducting it automatically in my account. ive spoken to their customer service at 15177 i confirmed that i have no transactions during that time and have not unlock it for internet transaction… so for security reasons smart might have been hack or whatever… please right now withdraw all your money because until now smart is not giving back my lost money

  2. If you “unlock” your Smart Money MasterCard, you have 15 minutes to finish the online transaction. Smart Money will automatically “lock” your card after this time frame.- this is true, but somewhat somehow smart deducted money from me without unlocking it…. right now withdraw all your money until smartmoney is safe…

  3. I dont think so.. i’ve been using smartmoney for 5 years now..and it helps me a lot. i can send money without any hassle. i dont need to go to bank just to send money. in just one click the money received already in just a second. I can purchase online too without any problem. AS i have said in just one click of your cellphone, so you need keep your cellphone in a safer place or always bring it with you. JUST BE SURE NO ONE TOUCHES YOUR CELLPHONE. NO OTHER THAN YOU!!!!

  4. This is very helpful. I just went to UnionBank this afternoon and applying for EON is a pain in the ass! LOL

    Thanks man, keep it up!

  5. Hi, you’re title is a bit confusing… I was searching the net because i cannot add funds to my paypal (of course using my linked Smart Money acct). until i see this. but when i read it, it is only a tutorial on how to link your Smart Money acct to your Paypal.. (not to fund it). everytime I want to add funds, Paypal say that “PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account”

    so can you tell us how? thanks!

  6. im having problem with the 15min unlock feature of smart money! is there a way to unlock it for more than a day? for real time transaction smartmoney is working perfectly like the debit cards from the banks. but for non-realtime transactions, if the card is locked the card will be declined.

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