How to Setup a Home Wireless Network in 10 Minutes

Having a Personal Area Network (PAN) with the help of a Bluetooth dongle is not enough for me. I need to have access access to the internet anywhere within the house.

Tonight, I paid CD-R King a visit and grabbed the cheapest Wireless Broadband Router they have. I was given with the LP-8186.

The LP-8186 is a wireless broadband router that support 802.11b/g, as well as WiFi a & n classifications. What made me bought the unit was the fact that it also supports up to 4 wired network connections, as a regular 4-port hub will do.

From the time I opened its box, attach the Smart Bro UTP cable to the router, turned on my PC, and launched the setup program, I just took me around 7 minutes. Fired up my desktop’s internet browser and it connects to the internet. Fired up the internet browser in my HP Mini 2133, which is around 10 feet away from the router, and loads.

To ultimately test its capabilities, I went up to the second floor of our house, tried to surf, and it worked!

Here are some specs of the LP-8186 as printed in its box:

  • Supports Gateway modes
  • WEP, WPA Encryption – 64/128bit (WEP), WPA TKIP
  • TCP/UDP/ICMP/ARP protocol stack
  • Dynamic DNS
  • DHCP Client and Server
  • UPnP

Tomorrow, I’ll test on how far can the AP reach — car port? sidewalk? sari-sari store?

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  1. help me out dude!..,
    ..,it has been 2 weeks..,
    ..,i havent configure my freaking router!..,
    ..,what the hell is wrong with this thing?..,
    ..,my sister is acting crazy!..,
    ..,she wants me to fix it..,
    ..,but i dont know how..,
    ..,help me out please!…,

  2. hey.. I HAVE the same router but I couldn’t fix it too! I have a PPPOE connection (bayanDSL) but I couldn’t connect to the internet. It is always limited access when using wireless connection

  3. I have the same router, however, i’m having problems with the wifi part.

    i can browse the pc using the LAN connection. however, i can’t browse the internet using my phone via WIFI (i can connect to the router but can’t browse any page). my phone works with other free hotspots.

    Can you please help me out?

    • Hello @h0t_1c3! Happy New Year! Appreciate if you can reply with your mobile phone unit model so that we may check on the proper settings. Thanks!

  4. Hi Bob: My phone is a Treo Pro using Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

    It does work on public hotspots.

    Hope you can help me.

  5. @bob: it’s the same problem when using my Sony Ericsson P990i as well. Maybe this info is useful.

    I can connect to the router via WiFi but I just can’t browse any website. It just says connecting on the browser for a long time then I get a message stating that the web page cannot be opened.

  6. Re LP-8186: I cant make it work with my ACER 4310, just does not work, I was asked to call their support group cant get thru in those those numbers as well, its hard. I wanna return this thing already.

  7. @butch tingson: It’s a long holiday, that’s the reason why you can’t get through their numbers. Their online (Y!M) tech support people, are offline as well.

    BTW, what is your ISP? Did you followed the step-by-step configuration? If you want, you may email me via [email protected] the screenshot of your router configuration page.

  8. hi sir,im having problem with my cdr king router…it always redirect to the smartbro portal..btw im using smartbro….i cant use 2 pc at the same time..please help me…cn u email me @ [email protected]…tnx so much

  9. hi bob, i have the same router as yours but im really having a bad time with my router. My router works well with my desktop but the problem is in my laptop it says Access Local Only But i cant connect to the internet my isp i smart bro. Also im trying to reinstall the configuration CD for the router set up but the cd says that UNCONNECTED!! every time i tried to play the CD it just say UNCONNECTED. Hope u can help me. GODBLESS BRO and MORE POWER

  10. @coolstrike: did you try to enter your username and password?

    This is actually a security feature of smart bro. They already recognize the original MAC address of the pc the connection was installed.

    Normally, entering the username and password fixes the problem.

    If not, the CDRKING ROUTER has a CLONE MAC ADDRESS feature. Use it and use the MAC address of ur PC (the one where smart bro was originally installed).

  11. How do you configure the encryption key? when i go to the security section of the router adminpage, the PASSPHRASE section cannot be changed

  12. hi bob. i have the same wireless router model from cdr – king.. cannot connect it to my laptop. I’m using a cable connection btw…. please… email me the configuration so i can use my internet connection using cdr king wireless router. thanks in advance..

  13. hey guys, pls help me. im also using the same CD-R KING router like bobs. at the first time i set up the my connection, i have a desktop and a laptop connected via router, i connected the Smartbro utp cable to the WAN port, and the 2 computers had internet, but this time, i lost my connection because i had a delay on paying my account, but now i have my internet connection back, and after i connected it again to the router,my 2 computers had no internet. why is that? i think its the router who has the problem. help me ASAP pls. this is my email add -> [email protected]. thnx

  14. i successfully connect my router LP-8186 wirelessly and LAN-ly.
    Heres the Solution:
    First, u nid to know that mine is vista ultimate. And our network is skycable (ZPDEE) OR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.

    when u already installed ds router kindly reset ur router by holding the button 20secs. (need to use a pin-like to fit the hole)

    if not, proceed..

    step 1: plug ur router LP-8186
    step 2: connect ur modem lan cable to ur router LP-8186 WAN slot.

    By now ur WAN n POWER light should be lighted. And WLAN blinking.

    step 3: turn on laptop or desktop, turn on wireless network, search for wireless network, then connect CD-R_King.

    step 4: w8 until it connects. when connected, thats the tym u open un broswer (Internet Explorer or Mozilla). Type in
    u should be able to connect to ur router. if not, repeat procedure.

    step 5: u shud be able to see the settings of the router labeled at the left side. To input security,go under wiress then security,WEP, click set WEP. do ur thing then apply changes,ok,close.

    step 6: on ur lower ryt left click on the 2 computers, click connect to a network. then ryt click the network that u wer connected before, select properties, security type should se shared,encryption type should be WEP then ur password.

    i guess that would be it.. hahaha..

  15. Be careful on changing the settings of the router.. this may cause disconnection.. youll gona have to repeat the procedure again..

  16. i need help setting up a wired hub in my home…. can you e-mail me if you’re willing? thank you very much. my email address is [email protected]. there’s a bit of a problem i wanna stress out regarding setting up of my hub with my smartbro account

  17. i have the same router, but im using a PLDT myDSL internet connection… but i can’t connect to the net… please help me….

  18. i have the same problem. i have already set up the router and my laptop can detect the CDR-KING but still it doesn’t have an internet connection.

  19. OMG.. i have problem between hub -> router…Now the hub is already connected with several computers (with internet)and i need to split the connection in my LP-8186 router… how come i cannot connect?i’ve tried to click quick installation but no luck.. T_T bad trip… please help me…

  20. the CD-R KING should provide a comprehinsive and detailed manual set up in LP8186..I have downloaded their manual and it sounds bullshit..if possible they should provide video tutorial too..until now, they dont update this..i regret of buying this junk wireless router made in taiwan..

  21. Hi Bob,

    I’ve just purchased a Belkin N1 Wireless Router and can’t connect to the internet, I’m subscribe to Bayantel DSL and the connection type is PPPoE. Already tried to configured it but still unsuccessful. Hope you could assist me. Thank you very much!

  22. @bob: paano po makaka-connect ‘yung blackberry bold at sony ericsson w960i sa lp-8186!?! thanks in advance…

  23. hi! i don’t if i shpould post my question here, not a techie person… i also brought the same wifi router, CD-R Kings’ LP-8186… router was set up by the smart broadband personnel who installed our broadband connection… we have 3 laptops (acer aspire one / win vista), acer aspire one netbook (xp) and an asus eee pc 701 (converted to xp)… the two acer laptops can detect the wifi connection but the asus laptop can’t… when i check the properties of the router connection on the acer netbook, it was set up using WPA2-PSK, and when i check the wifi properties on my asus laptop there is no option for WPA2-PSK, just WPA… i think i need to reset the router but don’t know how… i’m afraid if i do, other laptops won’t detect wifi… help! oh, my nokia E63 phone can also detect the wifi signal and was able to connect online… pls help… my email add is [email protected]… sorry if i posted wrong…

  24. pls….help me, the router i have is color’s been a month i can’t use it. i can’t connect to the internet..i am also using a dsl broadband.i think they are not compatible.

  25. Hi, just need help. I bought the same router for use with my vista laptop. problem is, until now I’m forced to use the LAN. everytime I connect to the WLAN, it says disconnected (even with the LAN connected). I can’t figure it out since the signal is fine (100%) but the laptop just can’t connect with the router.Would really appreciate the help, thanks.

  26. The laptop can already detect CD-R_KING but then when typing the ip address many times it still won’t connect.

  27. Hi,

    Been using this brand of router( lan, wifi) with smartbro for over a year with no problem. Until recently, I assigned a password via Since then, i couldn’t connect on my wireless anymore. It’s giving me a “limited or no connectivity” flag or notice. Something must be wrong on the set up I did.
    If there’s anyone out there who can help pls let me know. My email is [email protected]

  28. hi. i just bought the same router. but i can’t configure it, the installer that came with it keeps on giving me an error message. how can i set it up?

  29. have the same router working fine for the first couple of months… (bought it off my officemate, slightly used)…

    suddenly, it can’t detect my pldt zyxel P600 series modem anymore… the WAN led on the router is not blinking nor the LAN led on the modem when the two are connected…

    the only way i could get the router working again is to wire the modem directly to the computer first and make the internet connection run for a little while… after about 30 minutes or so, i connect the wire of the modem to the router and it’ll work again… the leds will light up and i could use the wifi… this kind of routine is now getting tedious…

    please help me… my email is [email protected]

  30. Hi. Could you please help me out? We have the exact same installer, but neglected to use it. Now that we finally have a use for it, we don’t know how to set it up anymore. We lost the box and everything.. I have just the router, a chord which seems to conenct to the internet and the one for the power. Tried hooking up everything but when I tried locating the wifi signal, it couldn’t be found.

    What do I do? Please help..

  31. hi! I have problem setting up my LP-8186 router. can anyone tell me whats the right settings for this router and how this setting can be done. I am not a techie person. I bought this since aside from being cheap it says on the box that it includes a quick setup disc. After installing the hardware I tried to run the easy set-up button for the sofware setup but it wont work. I tried to do manual but i can only connect to LAN at first there was no internet connection, I tweaked some more settings i ultimately got it but no wifi my compact and acer loptop cannot detect wifi signal. So I tweaked the settings some more, now I dont have both LAN and wifi. I got so frustrated i remove the router and got back to the modem connection.

    I’m using PLDT myDSL with xyzel 600 modem. my OS is windows XP.

  32. Hello! I bought a newer model LP-8686 but im having problem. Im using windows vista ultimate so i can easily see if i have an internet or not. my connection icon in the sys tray says “Local and Internet” but i cannot browse any sites or connect any instant messanger. So the two things im thinking for the cause of this problem is that the unit is defective or there are still some problems with the configuration.
    I know this is a different unit but i hope you can still help me with it.

  33. Hi, I got the CD-R KING LP8186 and was working with smartbro. I switched to mydsl and the internet is working with the cable but can not connect via wireless… pls help, thanks

  34. hi, i have the same wireless router but i can’t seem to configure it with both my laptops. the Quick Installation Guide that came with router isn’t helping and frankly the technicians at the cdr king branch near aren’t the most friendly ones. will you please help me? I have a NEO netbook and an HP laptop.. thank you in advance!!

  35. Hi Sir, we both have the same router & it is working fine. Only thing is that I want to set-up a security access for my router, so that whenever the router is turned on, you need a user id & password to be able to have access to the wireless connection. Appreciate it a lot if you can spare some time sending me a step-by-step guide.
    Still Merry Christmas & A Peaceful New Year!

  36. gudpm sir! i have the same wireless router just bought it kanina umaga. di ko kasi cya maconfig please send me how to configure my router. thanks! btw im using smart bro

  37. I also bought a cdr king router and worked fine but I need to block some websites so my child and her cousins can’t access it but I also need to access those sites. If I use the firewall built in to the router, I don’t know how can I bypass the firewall. Any tips? thanks!

  38. hi…i bought the same router for over 3 months now i even asked for bayan tel to configure but they refused to help…plsssssss help…tnx

  39. sir pareho po kami problem nung unang post pldt my dsl po isp nmin blak ko po lgyan wifi sa bahay para sa aunt ko and skin at sa mga pinsan ko..2 laptops to pc’s…kabibili ko lng din ung cdrking lp-8186 po..tnx po god bless and more power…

  40. Hi… we bought cd-r king router LP8186 and its useless. hindi ko na po alam kung paanong set up ang gagawin, i can’t connect my mac on the internet vi

  41. Hi… we bought cd-r king router LP8186 and its useless. hindi ko na po alam kung paanong set up ang gagawin, i can’t connect my mac on the internet via wifi, tapos pag ginamitan ng cable, nawawalan na rin ng connection yung desktop, i tried to insert the cd pero unconnected sya parati, i think once pa lang po pumasok yung cd ng maayos, i checked the router, may ilaw naman yung wan at wlan, pati yung lan 1 for the desktop, pero unconnected pa rin pagdating sa set up kaya di ko po ma-change yung configuration. Please jelp po para sabay magamit yung desktop at mac (wi-fi) sa net, thanks po!

  42. Argghhh… My gf already burned the router in the trash can… its been 4 hours we’ve been trying to make it work… Arghhh

  43. hi, could you help me, i have a router that I bought from cd-r king its “WIRELESS-N MIMO AP ROUTER WITH GIGABIT PORT 2T4R” but I dont know how to set up this thing, pls help me…..

  44. i also purchased the wireless router LP-8186 from CD-RKing. I cannot set it up with my Bayan DSL. When I asked the store staff, they e-mailed me instructions, but still have limited connectivity. please help.

  45. Hi. I am faced with the same problem. I can’t seem to figure how to find my way thru the connections. I’ve been browsing several alternatrives on the web i.e. changing IP addresses to resetting but nothing seems to work. The wireless network is “visible” but when a connection is attempted, my HP laptop reports that the signal is too weak. (take note, the laptop is just a foot away from the router)It then suggests to seek for other wireless connections… the process is an endless loop really. It’s becoming frustrating. Need your help. Thanks.

  46. Hi, i have a wireless router LP – 8186 but i lost the cd installer of this product, where can i get another installer or Cd of this product? can U help me

  47. This is the crappiest router in the world. I can’t make it work with my laptop although my desktop (connected to the router via LAN) is working just fine. The laptop can’t connect to the router and only shows ‘limited or no connectivity’. I can’t believe I wasted P1,280 on this piece of crap router.

  48. Can’t install my cd-r king LP-8616 router on Globe Wimax until I changed the gateway address to I got the gateway address from Globe when I had trouble connecting with Wimax and they instructed me to run Dos command ping :)

  49. Can’t connect my SE Experia running Windows mobile 6.1 on cd-r king router WIFI. Please help!

  50. hello. i have the same model of wifi. I wanted to change our password, but i forgot what the default ssid is. any help?

  51. hi i used same router,my probllem is ican’t access my Ip camera thru internet, i config my cam thru port forwarding.
    I ask if the router is capable in Port forwarding? if yes how to configure.thanks

  52. Do you happen to know where to download a firmware for this modem? Bumigay na yata sakin after 1 year of working. maybe upgrading the firmware will fix the problem. Thanks.

  53. hi , i have the same router as yours but im really having a bad time with my router. My router doesn’t works well with my desktop says Access Local Only But i cant connect to the internet my isp is Pldt DSL. Also, im trying to reinstall the configuration CD for the router set up but the cd says that UNCONNECTED!! every time i tried to play the CD it just say UNCONNECTED. Hope u can help me. GODBLESS BRO and MORE POWER

  54. hi… i have the same router and have it configured already, but when i tried it at home, i cant connect… i’ve tried to configure it myself, following the instructions in the user’s manual but to no avail… can you pls help me on this? thank you so much…

  55. good morning!i purchased 5 port fast ehternet switch with usb power fron cd-r king(PW-105).But it seems needs to be configured.I don’t know how?Can you help me please?

  56. I installed my new belkin router to both laptop and desktop pc, but i encountered a problem. My desktop pc has internet connection already but my laptop doesn’t have yet. Although it says there that my laptop is already connected to the router, still the status is “NO INTERNET CONNECTION”. I followed the instructions. Is there a need to change the settings in my laptop? How? And also, I noticed that the modem icon light(red or amber) in the router is blinking and the wireless icon light changes, sometimes the light is on, off and blinking. Could anyone here help me about my concern? please! thanks!

  57. I have the same problem and I already fixed it! Will, it’s really more on technical thing in setting up the LP-8186 wireless router. I’ll provide screenshots on how to set-up your cd-r king wireless router. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]. Please indicate “CD-R King Wireless Router Assistance” as subject on your email.

    So far, I’m enjoying the luxury with my internet connection and cd-r king wireless router!!!


  58. I just baught my CD-R king LP-8616 and I can’t seem to get internet connection. I’m using skybroadband. Although my laptop was able to detect the router’s signal I just can’t get an internet connection. can you help me?

  59. hi bob,

    i have here with me LP-8686.
    i was able to configure it from my desktop, meaning . . . was able to configure using webbase and the PC can find the router, also i tried to connect my notebook and it does located the router.

    the problem is, i cannot connect to the internet. i am using globe wireless (not the tattoo, i am using the one with antenna on top of my house.

    please help if you have an idea about this issue.

    thank you very much

  60. hi! last Nov 30 bili ako router sa cdr king,,nakaconfigure na cya pero pag wireless na gamit ko limit access or no ISP pldt my dsl.OS windows 7.please help

  61. hi, i bought a router last night, but i dont know the configuration settings. can you help me configure the correct settings so that i can use my wireless connection. The router is cdrking LP8186 and bayantel is my internet connection. i hope you can help me. thank you.. this is Sniper. =)

  62. Hello Bob,

    Just bought a TP Link Wireless Router for my SmartBro ISP. Tried following the direction from the Cd. Seems like evrything is okay but I can’t connect to the Internet. I believe that I might have the wrong setup on the type of ISP that Smart Bro uses. The router gives me 3 choices(Dynamic, Static, PPPoE). I have tried dynamic and it does not work. have not tried PPPoE because my wife forgot the username and PW. Does Smart Bro use PPPoE? Thanks for any input.

  63. hi gudeve…i having problem with my router..i also bought it in CD-R king…RTL918-GW…also a wifi type…i cant connect tru wifi..or either with the cable..when using the router..:(

  64. i have a cdr-king LP-8616 Wireless- MIMO AP Router (1T1R), my laptop is Dell Inspiron E1505 windows 7(i don’t know if if this is needed to find solution kaya sinama ko na din). i already followed all the steps as instructed by the cdr-king technician, pero wala pa din, mataas ang signal ko pero i cannot connect to the internet. same with the desktop na nakakabit sa router. it detects the connection pero wala naman ako mapuntahan website…as in walang internet….patulong naman po pls. Digitel ang DSL internet provider ko. salamat po. God bless.

  65. Hello,

    I’ve been trying to setup this CDRKING LP-8186 but I can only set it up with allowed MAC Address. I want to set it up that other devices can connect or visiting friends can also connect by just using a pass key.

    I hope you can instruct me to achieve this.

    Thanks and more power

  66. umm excuse me but i want to ask you about how to put a password on our router… my head’s about to explode in figuring out how it works..!! it would very much help me if you could tell me where to type the configuration code that you said we should type to put on a password for the router.. tnx. really need your reply. and tnx!!.. =)

  67. i have a WL150-RT broadband router and i can’t configure it properly to connect to the internet. the instruction that came with it was not helpful at all. i have a digitel 768kbps dsl connection and a prolink modem. hope you’ll respond! thanks.

  68. i have the lp 8186 also and i have it setup, unfortunately i forgot the password and i have to reset it. do you know how?

  69. I have a CD-R King LP-8696 router previously it was worked well on my PC using windows XP and Smart Bro. However when I upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and at the same time I change my ISP to Globe Wi-Max I’m having a headache to set it up and until now it doesn’t work. It is possible that it is not compatible to Windows 7? Pls. help. Thanks

  70. hey bro,, can’t connect my gigaset to the internet,,, i went to this address from the manual and it said disconnected… everytime i hit ‘CONNECT’ It doesnt really connect…

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