How to Launch an HTML File Automatically Inside a CD-ROM

Got this question via SMS:

“How can you launch an HTML file automatically when you insert a CD-ROM to a computer?”

The solution is very easy. Let’s say, you created a website that you intended to be distributed both in web and CD-ROM formats. The problem is that not all people who will get hold of the CD-ROM are not techie enough to launch the website and actually view it. The best way to “force” them in viewing the contents of the CD-ROM is to have an auto-run mechanism.

Open the ever-reliable Notepad, and type the following:


Save the file as “autorun.inf“. Remember to select “All Files” from the Save As Type in the Save As dialogue box. Put this file on the root folder of your CD-ROM data.

The code above will instruct the computer to automatically launch the file named “index.html” when the user inserts the CD-ROM.

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