Happy 15th Birthday to Mozilla!!!

Fifteen (15) years ago, I was still busy with school (college) stuff. It was during that time when Intel Pentium II was still the fastest processor a desktop PC can ever have (locally, at least). Our internet connection at my dad’s home-office was still at 33.6kbps (upgraded to 56kbps months later) via dial-up. When net connection at home is sluggish, I will go to Internet Universe at Park Square 1 to surf the internet using Netscape browser (costing me PHP1.50 per minute of internet connectivity). I was still using HotDog to create and edit HTML webpages (when I’m bored, I switch to Notepad).

Fifteen (15) years ago today, 31 Mar 1998 Netscape Corporation released the source code of their awesome web browser and this was called the Mozilla Project. Years later, I finally was able to test drive Firefox 1.0



Two (02) years ago, I was accepted into the Mozilla Reps Program (ReMo) and became part of the awesome Mozilla Philippines Community.

In celebration of Mozilla’s 15th birthday, here is Alab (the Mozilla Philippines Community’s Official Mascot) showing some love to the world (courtesy of the uber awesome Carl Martin Jimenez).


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