Good news! No need to ask a friend nor wait for someone to send you a GMail Invite (if you still don’t have one yet). You can now sign-up for a GMail account with the use of your mobile phone. Yes! You had read me right! You’re mobile phone.

Just go to and click on the
Sign up for Gmail using your mobile phone” link, key-in the required information and your mobile number. Wait for the activation code to be sent by Google to your mobile phone, and wallah! You may now proceed in signing-up for your very own GMail account!

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  1. Pinoy Jokes says:

    salamat gmail.. pwede na maka-access kahit san.. gamit ang cellphone..

  2. mayette says:

    to sign up on gmail

  3. john lerry P. tan says:

    tanx gmail

  4. mariano pongasi says:

    to sign up on gmail

  5. secret says:

    paano ba mag sign up mali daw ung pass ko?

  6. marvinpilapil says:


  7. rosabella says:

    bkit hindi ako mkapasok sa gmail? help me guys

  8. Crispin Butay says:

    Noon pa man GMA network na kami at syempre ang Eat Bulaga……

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