GMail Chat Now Available!

The creative minds at Google never loses fresh new ideas. Announcing the launch of GMail Chat!

My GMail Screen Now with Chat!

In addition to the sleek webmail interface of GMail, Google Talk! users can now chat from within GMail. Notice the small box on the lower right side of my GMail screen?
Wow! Now, that’s technology! Rumors are now circulating that Yahoo! will be launching a similar feature to their Y!Mail service. Currently, what Y!Mail does is it tells you whether a contact (using Y!Mail, too) is online or not. If the contact is online, you can click on his/her name and Y!Messenger (if installed on your computer) will automatically launch a new chat window.

But what makes GMail Chat unique is that you don’t need to install anything to use it. This is great, especially if you’re surfing thru the computer terminals at Netopia (where the Admins are so paranoid).

I am just wondering what will happen if let’s say ten (10) of your contacts sends messages to you simultaneously? Just imagine the clutter it will bring to your GMail screen. Hehehe.

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