For Jun Lozada!

This post is in support of Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, Jr.

I firmly believe that he is telling the truth. I believe the he was abducted kidnapped (with ranson — for him to sign some documents) at the NAIA when he arrived last Wednesday. I believe that what he is doing now is for the good of the country, and of his own family.

Mabuhay ka, Jun!

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  1. I believe in all that he said about the ZTE scandal, Unfortunately I do not believe him in as far as the kidnapping allegation. sana mag sabi ng totoo si Mr Jun Lozada tngkol sa kidnapping na allegation, kawawa naman ang mga taong walang kinalaman sa kumisyonan nila Pati isang retiradong enlisted man na kitang kita na naging taga bitbit niya ng kanyan mg gamit sa airport pinaratangan pang kidnaper. If it does not make sense, usually it is not true.

  2. I admire JUN LOZADA for having such courage to divulge the TRUTH! He is not just a “star witness” but he is the voice of the filipinos who are fighting for the TRUTH and change of government. We should all support him in this journey for he is doing this not just for himself but the whole country. It’s obvious that everyone involved in abducting him is just following orders from the ones in power that’s why during the senate hearing, all of them went around the bush just to protect the president and the first family. Public officials should not in any way abuse the power given to them by the PEOPLE!

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