First Visit to the SDA Building

Even if my class will start on Friday, I took time out and visited the SDA Building yesterday just before 6pm. Benchmarked on how long will it take me to reach (after finding) my classroom. Took me only 10 minutes (the lift was really jampacked) to reach the 10th floor and eventually saw Cha Ong inside the lab.

The view was spectacular! I can see the roof of my parent’s house from the ML. Airconditioning is not yet fully operational (the temperature is better at the hallways than in the rooms). After some chit-chats with my fellow Web Track teachers, I realized that I haven’t taken my lunch yet (just had a quick snack). Asked Cha where the cafeteria (in CSB, it’s a canteen), and she replied that it is at the 12th floor.

Waited for 5-10 minutes getting a ride from the 10th to the 12th floor. Together with some of my former students, we were able to locate the Cafeteria — with only Danny’s Grill serving pork chops and caldereta for Php95! Since I am already starving, I decided to take the Php95 meal. But when I asked what beverages do they have, the attendant replied that they do not have any :D Ngek! I ended-up having my dinner (20 minutes later) at Jollibee instead.

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