Finally Saw My Name in the Mozilla Firefox Monument!

Late 2013, Mozilla announced that it will be erecting a monument for Mozillians in San Francisco, just outside of its office.

“The structure is being constructed now, concrete is being poured, and the monument is planned to be unveiled in mid-December. On the side panels the names of over 4,512 people who have contributed to Mozilla will be printed.”

I was at Mozilla San Francisco (Mozilla SF) office around the first half of December 2013 for a workweek and saw a covered portion along the sidewalk outside the Hills Bros. Coffee brick building. The Mozilla Firefox Monument is being constructed. On the day I left San Francisco in 2013, the structure was yet to be unveiled.

Fast forward to 2017, I am back to San Francisco, California for a press event (not related to Mozilla). Since I had a couple of free hours earlier, I braved the rain and walk for a mile from my hotel to Mozilla SF just to have a personal glimpse of the Firefox Monument.

Quite a downpour since midnight and temperature outside this morning was around 11°C, but nothing is stopping me from visiting the monument…

Thanks to the tool written by Christian Heilmann, I know exactly where my name is etched in the monument (it’s not alphabetical).

What could be more awesome than seeing your name in a monument?! In the Philippine corporate scene, people often joke about erecting a monument in your honor if you are “too” hardworking. Well, in the case of Mozilla, this is how the organization recognized the contributions of people who believed in its mission of making the Web a safe and better place for all.

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