Finally, RAXe Arrived!

My wife was scheduled to be checked-up by her OB yesterday morning. She went solo to her doctor, as I was already at the office as early as 0700H. Just minutes before 1200H, she called and told me that her OB wanted her to be admitted already at the Makati Medical Center since her water level is already at a critical level.

I rushed to the MMC and proceeded to the Delivery Room immediately. Her OB told me that she has to deliver the baby that time, as my wife is already having a contraction every nine (09) minutes and since her water level is very low, the baby’s heartbeat is falling fast. We were left with no choice but to have our first baby delivered via Caesaerian Section.

I was NOT allowed by the MMC medical staff to be inside the Operating Room (but her doctor agreed to let me in earlier) since my wife was placed in an OR where relatives are not allowed :( So I decided to wait outside of the Delivery Room, together with my wife’s mom (and my parents sent me an SMS that they are already on their way to MMC — excited Lolo and Lola!), but the nurse who will assist in the operation was kind enough to ask the camera from me so that she may take pictures inside of the OR.

Just minutes after 4pm, the nurse at the Delivery Room was waving to me, asking me to go inside. On my way to the Nurse Station (around 15 feet from the lobby of the DR), I am already hearing the cry of my baby, which is being carried out of the OR by a nurse. I immediately called him, “Robyn!” and the nurse asked if I want to carry him, but I said, “Later …”, because I was so afraid: he looks so fragile.

“Tatay na ako!”

To my students, this was the reason why the Course Cards distribution scheduled for last night was moved to this morning. See you all next term, still have to get some sleep after submitting the grades today.

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