Farewell, Lolo Pano ..

This Saturday, which is today, happens to be a happy one. My wife and son will be spending our weekend in my parents’ place in Makati (we’ve been here since yesterday afternoon); Rose will have her last OB checkup for the year; Robyn will have his second shot of vaccine for Hepa-B. My dad cooked for our dinner and he prepared one of my favorite home-cooked dish: ground beef tortilla.

I was surfing the internet, reading and replying to some emails (still have to read a hundred more), when my dad’s and my mobile phone beeped at the same time. Apparently, we had received the same message: Lolo Pano (my mom’s father: Cipriano “Pano” Dela Cruz) had already passed-away. Upon breaking the news to my mom, who was holding Robyn that time, you can instantly feel how the happy night mood turned to sadness.

Sadness on my part, too, due to the fact that it was last December 2006 when I saw and talked with Lolo Pano for the last time; and it was already in my PDA that I had scheduled to visit him and Lola next Sunday as they are requesting to see Robyn during my parents’ last visit to them Monday this week.

May Lolo Pano’s soul rest in peace. Please do pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

Lolo Pano (left) & Lola Olympia (right) during their
wedding renewal of vows two (02) years ago.

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