Experiencing Net Slowdown?

I was within the vicinity of AIM earlier, and checked my email at a nearby internet cafe (bConnected). I thought their internet connection sucks, took me around 5 minutes after I had pressed the send button in GMail. When I came home, I thought my ISP is broken, it’s sluggish. Then, Jim Ayson sent an email through our mailing list asking if we are experiencing a net slowdown. Could it be another slammer virus attacking the net? One poster even replied to blame PGMA for the slowdown. Hehehe ..

How’s your internet connection now?

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  1. mee too. i was sending photos to the office and it took me i think ten minutes to send about 1mb file. thought it was just the rain since my net connection is smart nro. thought the rain “blocked” my line of sight to the cell site. so it wasn’t just me huh? hmmm….

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