Everyone Wants to be Skinny

In this day and age there is an obsession with being skinny. This is not just with women, but for men as well. Our society worships the skinny good looking celebrity and the general public is expected to shape their bodies similar to this.

Is this more harmful to the general public or does it actually help people? There are no doubts that exercise and eating right is extremely important, but the inspiration derived from the “image” of America is dangerous.

Many people are enamored with shows like the biggest loser, whose contestants are in a race to lose weight over the course of their time on “the ranch” as well as a stint of time they spend at home. It is always dangerous to mix Hollywood and something important like health and fitness. Hollywood is about the bottom line. If the contestants lose more weight, that draws more ratings which increases revenue. Many of the contestants do not build a habit and a lifestyle of health, and this is proven by the number of players who have regained all their weight shortly after they exited the show.

Health and fitness has nothing to do with Hollywood or living on a ranch for months and months working out 8 hours a day and starving yourself before the weigh-in.

Health and fitness is about a lifestyle and building good habits. Following the lead of celebrities with eating disorders or Hollywood shows which are unrealistic for the average Joe is not the way go.

Learning good eating habits and exercising regularly is all that it takes to have an in shape healthy body. It is really quite simple. You do not need to spend tons of money every month going to a gym either. Get outside and run. If you would prefer having someone lead you in a workout there are great at home workout options like the insanity workout or p90x.

Do not get caught up in mess of Hollywood and celebrities. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, steady healthy eating and exercise habits is all it takes.

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