Elly Pamatong: You’re Insane!

At first, he sued Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Rosales for alleged corruption in the church. Now, the insane nuisance candidate Elly Pamatong wants the Holy Bible to be banned in the country. This is insane — YOU, Elly Pamatong, is INSANE!

He even wrote his “own bible” called the Third Testament and established his own church called the New Christianity and Immortality Ministries: YOU ARE INSANE THAN THE MOST INSANE! And what made the issue worst, he now has a website http://www.thirdtestament.ph — don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you that he is insane before clicking on the link.

If YOU, Mr. Pamatong do not believe in Jesus Christ, then why name your newly-founded church “New Christianity”? Contradicting, isn’t it? Go on with your comical antics, but please DO NOT PUT THE NAME OF THE LORD, THY GOD IN VAIN.

Now, can somebody incarcerate Elly Pamatong? Is he still a lawyer? Can somebody disbar him, if he is still one?

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  2. He is not Insane..
    In this “Drama”, we consider him as an insane creature but we are so much wrong. Read his books and use your power of comprehension. You may use encyclopedias, dictionaries, and the Bibles as tools in understanding his articles. You may also talk to him to find out why he was doing those things.

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