Election Day 2007

My dad and I were at the polling precint two blocks away from our house by 0830H. Since we already know our precint number, we did not have a hard time locating our poll room.

But, to our surprise, my dad & my name were not on the list posted at the door of the polling precint. So I went directly to the BEI and asked if our names are on the master list. Apparently, our names were not on the Voter’s List, but was at the Master’s List.

So they handed us the ballots (take note) with having us sign on anything. So I asked the BEI if I have to sign on anything, and she just said that it was OK. After casting our votes, my dad & i headed back home.

Ten minutes later, one of our neighbors, whom we saw at the polling precint acting as a watcher for PDP-Laban (GO Binay!), came knocking on our gate and asked me & my dad to go back to the polling precint due to some problem. When my dad & I went out of our house heading to the polling precint the second time, I told them .. let me guess, they (the BEI) realized that we forgot to sign on the list.

Yes, I was correct! When they thought that our names were not on the list, they reviewed the Voter’s List and indeed, my dad’s name, my brother, mother, and I were in it (with matching pictures!). So they asked us to sign in the list.

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  1. In previous elections, my name and my father’s are not always included in the voter’s list simply because our family (and barangay) are known supporters of the mayor’s opponent :) Luckily, this time there were no more problems.

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