Disrespectful GSIS Employees

I accompanied my pregnant wife in securing her GSIS eCard Plus this morning in Pasay City. There was this incident wherein these two GSIS employees (I am not naming them yet, as I had already emailed the Ombudsman & Civil Service Commission; I’ll wait for their replies and action first) would not believe that she was indeed three (03) months pregnant. That’s OK! But what made me mad was the comment of this guy, “Ikaw, three months na buntis? E ako nga, five months na e!”

A comment very disrespectful of women! Not fit for a civil servant.

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  1. get the name of that erring employee and report him/her upstairs. when i was in bacolod, i took the name of one very disrespectful and arrogant gsis-bacolod employee named ma. fe miraflores. its a good thing i know how to argue back, but as to the old and frail members, you can bet shes having a good time mocking and insulting them. i hope mr. garcia is listening. don’t let gsis-bacolod be shamed because of one distasteful employee.

  2. hope gsis will make a positive record before the end of the term of GMA.
    Its bad gsis performance and services is not worth-emulating to the next generation of government public servant shameful and arrogant ,deceitful and uncaring for the elderly.

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