Disrespect of the No Tailgating Signs at SLEX

Every single morning when I exit SLEX towards the West Service Road (I am compelled to pay toll, thanks to the Pasay City government for making the West Service Road from Merville Exit to Nichols a one-way street everyday from 0600H to 1000H), I can’t help but notice this sign:


There is no problem with the signage – the problem is that most of the motorists seem not to care following this sign; worst, the people of the Skyway management do not penalize the violators.

In an email sent to the management of Skyway O&M Corporation (the operator of the Skyway system) last 17 May 2011, Mr. Ramon “Chito” Borromeo (OIC, Office of the President & CEO) replied stating that they are in the process of installing CCTV (43 in all) along their toll road. According to him, when this project is completed (only them knows when), they will have the capability to closely monitor their Toll Plaza guards, who should be directing motorists where to stop and to avoid being tagged as a tailgater.

I asked Mr. Borromeo on what violation can be imposed to motorists who do not respect nor follow the No Tailgating sign, and according to him they can be slapped with Disregarding Traffic Signs (DTS) violation with a fine/penalty of PHP1,500.

Well, let’s wait and see when the Skyway will finally “strictly” implement the No Tailgating signages. Being a tax and toll payer, I guess it will be better for the Skyway O&M Corporation to simply remove these signages (and do not install new ones anymore) if they will not have it implemented at the Toll Plazas.

I do hope that the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) and the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) will closely monitor this issue, as the safety of the motorists that are being questioned by not strictly implementing the NO TAILGATING at the SLEX.

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