Carlos Celdran Lands in Jail!

Tour Guide Carlos Celdran lands in jail (and perhaps will spend the night behind bars) for staging a protest (read as “disrupting an ecumenical service”) inside the Manila Cathedral this afternoon.

He was then arrested, and later on brought to the Manila Police District Station 5. We all know that he is a very vocal Reproductive Health advocate. I thought he was an educated person. But disrespecting a place of worship (if not the opinion of other people) is a grave sin.

My dad even commented that Mr. Celdran should had been brought to the National Center for Mental Health in Mandaluyong City instead of the MPD Station 5. As of this posting, the CBCP files charges against him for violation of Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code (Offending Religious Feelings; punishable by prision correccional).

The END, simply DOES NOT justify the MEANS. Kalaboso ka tuloy :P

(Photos taken by Mariz Umali of GMA News)

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  1. My God! Self promotion! Plain stupidity! He should have not done that! Idol pa naman kita sa tourism industry! Gamitin mo naman utak mo! Stupid move!

  2. He is educated which is why he did what he did. Only geniuses can pull off something like that. The Catholic Church threatened the government with civil disobedience because of PNoy’s support of informed choices of family planning and Carlos just showed them what civil disobedience looks and feels like.

  3. Carlos is a an intellectual mand who knew the no.1 reason why the philippines is backward and poor?–He knew it well that it is the Catholic church which is the problem followed by corruption.I am sure he will get more support to AWAKENED ordinary pilipinos about the negative INFLUENCE of the church on everyday life in philippines

  4. the church should know that catholic in philippines is just a COPY introduced by spain—Spain allowed birth control and divorce. What is the reason WHY they can not allowed birth control and divorce in PHILIPPINE—
    This is the REason WHY CARLOS protested under a mass–
    And It is not ILLEGAL to disturb a RELGIOUS gathering—

  5. @silvestre flores: Please read first Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code before concluding that it is NOT ILLEGAL to disturb a religious gathering. Thank you!

  6. Well, the CBCP head actually threatened the President with excommunication.

    So in their case, does the end justify the means?

    I’m really for respect for all religions, but really, if the priests think that they can do whatever they want outside their churches and THEN expect that they will stay “safe” inside their places of PUBLIC worship, then they really do have a disconnect with reality. Not only that, but I think that kind of thinking shows arrogance, pride, and HUBRIS, which is a SIN.

    This is the reason WHY I DONT LIKE THE PRIESTS MEDDLING IN POLITICS. I want my church safe from the stupidity of the outside world.

    I blame the priests for this, they are just asking for non-catholics to disrupt us while in church.


  7. @Observer: Read the broadsheets, not tabloids. The excommunication threat for PNoy is still considered to be a rumor as of this writing.

  8. Oh yeah, I’m a Catholic, and I find it extremely shameful that instead of TALKING to the man and DISCUSSING what’s wrong, which is what THE PRIESTS TAUGHT ME to do in all my years as a student in Catholic schools, the priests instead sends this guy to PRISON.

    Talk about HYPOCRISY!

    Talk about the message that they are sending to us!

    And the Philippine Catholic Church wonders why there are so many lapsed Catholics or why we Pinoys do not take our religion seriously…

    I just know that there is a group of young priests out there just itching to get heard above the zealotry of the old guard. May God give them the strength and use this incident to truly save my beloved Church.

  9. Kung totoong tinatakot ng simbahan ang presidente with excommunication then everyone who is in their right mind should do something similar to what celdran did. How dare they interfere with matters like reproductive health. Nasa panahon pa bha tayo ng kastila? Palibhasa mga bakla at mga nangmomolestiya ng bata ang maraming mga pari. They should police their own ranks and not interfere with politics.Yun ang dapat nilang atupagin.Mga perverts!!!! Kaya hindi tayo umusadusad. Gusto ng mga pari lahat ng tao maging kasing sarado nila ang isip. It may nopt be right to disrespect a place of worship but its not right either to mess up the lives of a whole nation.

  10. yah! go carlos dahil dyan lalo tumaas ang pagtingin ko sayo!

    i am a catholic and i go to mass but also an intellectual

    mabuhay ka!

    kung nandun lng ako promise mag caclap ako para syo standing ovation ka sakin!

    i wish i can pull off a stunt like that also!

  11. A bold move I rationally appreciate as in truth the church has been at the root of the nations unabated population growth. His depiction of our national hero’s fictional character will assure his artistic performance will make it not only to current events but its proper place in history and filipiniana. Kudos Carlos! You allowed us to see Rizal’s gasera glowing in glee!!

  12. @Lino Burce,

    Do you have the balls to even attempt to do what he did? Before you criticize Mr. Celdran for having the guts to do what he did, ask yourself first, what could you have done? Kung wala ka rin naman pala pwede gawin, just shut up.

  13. Kalokohang sabihin na ang malaking populasyon ay ang dahilan ng kahirapan. A really intelligent person would find that a piece of crap. Even such bastions of political correctness such as the United Nations Population Division (UNPD) forecast massive aging and drops in Western populations over the next half-century. Sino ngayon ang sunud-sunuran sa mga banyaga? Are we to commit demographic suicide also? Why settle for a temporary solution to poverty when the very measure has the potential of wiping out the entire Filipino nation? Is that your grand idea of nationalism? Kakahiya dito kay Carlos Celdran eh baka sabihin lahat ng Pinoy ganyan mag-isip.

  14. Fight the good fight Carlos. We need more open and civic minded citizens like you. Mabuhay ka! at pagpalain ka ng Diyos.

  15. @edmund cruz- pare wag ka magalala na ma-wipe out ang mga pinoy, mga ilan taon nalang baka mahabol na natin ang china sa population. pound for pound tayo pinaka mabilis mag padami ng population!

    anatayin nalang natin na magpasa ang congress ng batas na allowed ka nalang mag anak ng isa. anatayin narin natin na sa kahit saang sulok ng pilipinas ay parang manila na sa sikip, pati narin mga bukid pang saka at taniman ay gawin nang relocation site at mag import nalng tayo ng bigas ,gulay etc. ang issue ng population ay kahit maglagay ka ng bagong eskwela, trabaho, dagdag pagkain taon taon kung taon taon din dumadami ang tao pano mo hahabulin yun. buti sana kung unlimited ang resources natin walang kaso ang over population… ang problema hindi e.

  16. A pontiff of aged history once ordered a massive hunt on witches of the west, get them alive and burn them at the park in front of the people, after several years, they realized that not all they’ve seized were witches, but the powerful church managed not to disclose that reality. The great Galileo Galilei was denounced by the catholic church after publicly supported the heliocentric hypothesis of Copernicus, which states that the earth is not the center of the universe, its the sun. He was condemned by the catholic church for “vehement suspicion of heresy”. But nevertheless, the church has evolved herself into a more realistic and more open personality through the opening of the 2nd Vatican council (Vatican II). Lots of rules were changed, lots of views were corrected, lots of encyclicals became more progressive. The view of fuga mundi was dissolved, instead the constant immersion and living with the people were promoted. Now, the issue on Mr. Celdran’s act was supposed to be reflected upon by the progressing church, it should be taken as a challenge to the clergy to reach out more to the masses in order to teach the people of the moral truth about the RH bill. Sending him to jail, talking about the heretic nature of the act or even talking about the excommunication of the president is not an act of a church who is humble, mass oriented and Christ-centered. Jesus said those who dont sin should throw the first stone..

  17. Carlos Celdran is not a tour guide because he violates the Ethics of social order of being a tourist guide.He is not Accredited to do this jod but he can fool Amirican visitors because they like comedy bar.He is not promoting the national Identity of this country the Philippines and all his spiels to his guest are full of Non sense.He doesn’t respect our Filipino Flag because he always make pintas of our Flag after singing the National Anthem in his Tour.Thats not allow he should raise a big Flag not a mini Flag that he Toys with.I’m a Philippine Navy Reserve we respect our Flag as a soldier anyone who make a mockery of our Flag we are allowed to shoot them in public for your info.I’m just prayerfull that someday Carlos will renorse himself because he is creating chaos by not plying the rule of Law and his making a lot of profit out of it.

  18. Carlos advocacy about reproductive health is cathegoracary rigth.Kaya lang bastos talaga si Carlos people may not know that.because he’s approached of going to eccelsiastical service that way is technically wrong.

  19. I’m calling the attention of Cong. Lagman. Please listen to the spiels of his tour you will not expect that this guy disrecpect our Filipino Flag. Bastos yan si Carlos.

  20. I’m inviting everybody to join me in my Crusade Rally callled JAIL CARLOS CELDRAN MOVEMENT. This mentally DIsturrb Guy should be jailed Revised Penal Code 133. JOIN US JAIL CARLOS CELDRAN He is a Nephillim trap on a small horny Guy which Carlos Celdran. JAIL CARLOS CE$LDRAN MOVEMENT.

  21. Anthony De Guzman Every Filipino has the right to say what they want against the Church and against the State. That is what you call Freedom of speech. Get a life man. Don’t be too serious… I guess what he did during Mass is wrong. But he should be released after a slight misdemeanor like that. Get a life Anthony.

  22. good job… Carlos Celdran… everybody is equal.. good for you, you can stand in your own faith… i am on the same congregation but it doesn’t mean when you are priest you are always correct… Time for Quality Life… not quantity…

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