Boyet Bautista’s Official Website Now Online!

Boyet BautistaI guess by now all of you already knew that Letran cager Boyet Bautista is a cousin of mine. It is just that his basketball playing skills is better than mine — in a real court, that is, but in NBA Live, I guess not. Hehehe..

Anyways, I had started yesterday, during my freetime, the Official Website of Boyet Bautista, which is now online at

You may now sign-up and join the discussions at the Forums. All the other sections of the website will be up within a week’s time. For comments and suggestions, or if you wish to be part of the website as an online contributor (for the die-hard Boyet Bautista fans out there), please email [email protected] — be sure to convince us why we should let you join the website team.

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