Beyond the Box Launches the Apple iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus

I became a Mac convert some four years ago. Soon after, I got my very first iPhone and it was the 4S. Ever since, the iPhone has always been a part of my gadgets armada wherever I go (talking about an awesome camera that is always handy). Currently, I enjoy using my iPhone 5 (I skipped the 5S and 6 as contract entitlements [retention] with my telco knowing that Apple will release another device before Christmas of 2015).

Then, I saw this in the interwebs:


Together with some techie friends, we headed to the Century City Mall branch of Beyond the Box just before midnight for us to experience for the very first time the feeling of waiting for midnight to strike — which signals the release and local availability of the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the country.


There was already a long queue when we entered the mall — talking about Pinoy Apple fans — and it is still 30 minutes to go before Beyond the Box opens to the public for the launch. Good thing, the store took care of Apple iPhone fans lining up by providing donuts and coffee — how awesome is that?!

2015-11-06 00.40.32 HDR-1

Then came the countdown to 12 midnight… Before we knew it, we were already inside Beyond the Box. We were able to see the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the flesh, and tried its new features. Thanks to the awesome staff of Beyond the Box, we were given an overview of what’s new and has been improved in the latest iPhone models. One thing I am looking forward when I acquire an Apple iPhone 6S Plus soon is the Force Touch-like feature called 3D Touch.

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