Back to Square One and A Half ..

For those who still doesn’t know, aside from running my own business — — and teaching at CSB, I also work for a company at the airport which is under the Lucio Tan Group of Companies.

A few years ago, my boss (then; he’s in UAE now) asked me to device a way that will consolidate all flight information and these data must be dispatched to different sections within the company with a prinout. Gathering enough information from people in our ranks, who had worked at different airport stations all around the world, an idea came up and the management (as well as the top level management) liked it. This was eight years ago.

The project, after two (02) system administrators and IT managers, was put into a halt in 2001. Just this morning, my boss told me that the new system administrator cum IT manager will sit down and meet with me to revive the project. What?! After all these years? Good thing, I have all the documentation and source codes archived in my office PC. We’re now back to square one and a half.

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