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Why Do We Need to RSVP Before Attending Events?

Being part of an awesome team who had organized hundreds of events (big and small) over the past three years, I should say that we had learned the ropes on how to be successful in this field.

One thing that earns the irk among event organizers are people who constantly ignore the system that we call as RSVP (Répondez S’il Vous Plaît).

Time and over again, we will have to deal with people who constantly signs-up for an event but will be “NO SHOW” on the date itself.

From an Event Organizer’s POV:

  • We need to know how many people are attending the event so that we will be able to prepare X number of food, seats, swags, etc.
  • Once all tickets are taken (we normally use Eventbrite.com for this purpose; we love that web service), registration is normally closed. It is hard to accept wait-listed attendees — they normally end up showing themselves at the registration counter even if their tickets are not confirmed. We do not want that to happen to any of our visitors/guests.
  • YOU — yes YOU, who registered for an event and has a valid ticket: How dare you not to show your face during the event proper?! Let’s say you encountered some “last minute” type of thing, preventing you from attending the event … that’s fine. But some are doing this habitually … on purpose? Maybe? Maybe not?
  • YOU Gatecrashers … yes YOU who DO NOT have a valid ticket for an event, but is forcing yourself to be in the event for the sake of receiving awesome swags and to enjoy free foods (pun intended)! We will not tolerate such bad manners. We do not want you to be in any of our events. Gatecrashers are the best examples of ill-mannered and undisciplined Pinoys.


RSVP’s are being used to put order in every event. Let RSVP’s serve its purpose. Let us show the world how disciplined and mannered Filipinos are. Salamat po!

Cherry Mobile Ace (Firefox OS) at PHP999!!!

Cherry Mobile, the leading local handset brand already made history by bringing the first Firefox OS device not only to the Philippines, but in Southeast Asia.

This coming weekend, Cherry Mobile will again enter the tech history books by bringing the world’s most inexpensive smartphone, the Ace powered by Firefox OS.

The Cherry Mobile Ace’s price will be slashed from PHP1,499 (US$33) to just PHP999 (US$22) from 13-15 December 2014.

Grab your Cherry Mobile Ace (powered by Firefox OS) this weekend from participating Cherry Mobile concept stores, kiosks and accredited dealers nationwide.


Firefox Developer Edition Plus Cherry Mobile Ace Firefox OS (Part 1)

A week ago, Mozilla (in time for the 10th birthday of Firefox) released the Firefox Developer Edition — the only browser made for developers. Among one of the coolest features of Firefox Developer Edition (formerly known as Firefox Aurora) is the WebIDE.

WebIDE is the replacement for the App Manager (on previous Firefox versions). Like the App Manager, the WebIDE enables one to run and debug Firefox OS Simulator or even a real Firefox OS device.

WebIDE inside Firefox Developer Edition.

WebIDE inside Firefox Developer Edition.

Also this week, Mozilla announced the availability of the first Firefox OS device to be sold in the local Philippine marketCherry Mobile’s Ace — made all Pinoy Mozillians even prouder as we were the first in Southeast Asia to launch such devices.

One of the coolest things one can do with his/her Cherry Mobile Ace, powered by Firefox OS is to connect it to a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) for debugging.

The Cherry Mobile Ace appears as a USB device under WebIDE's Runtime environments.

The Cherry Mobile Ace appears as a USB device under WebIDE’s Runtime environments.

But, during the first time you will connect your Cherry Mobile Ace to your PC or Mac, it might not appear right away inside the WebIDE. Here’s what you need to do (assuming that you have ADB installed in your machine and that ADB Debugging is enabled in your device:

1. You need to edit (or create) the adb_usb.ini file. Where to find this file?

In linux / mac, the path will be …


In windows XP, it will be …

\Documents and Settings\<yourusername>\.android\adb_usb.ini

And windows 7 /8, it will be …

or you can type %HOMEPATH%\.android\ in the folder path of an 
explorer window to jump straight there

2. You need to add “0x1782” to the end of the adb_usb.ini file (which may be empty by the time you open it). “0x1782” is the vendor ID for Spreadtrum, so when you have added this value, all Spreadtrum devices should work (unless they change ID in future devices).

3. Disconnect the device (CM Ace) then restart the ADB server (open the Command Prompt or Terminal and execute the command “adb kill-server”).

For Mac users (like me) and Linux fans, you may simply execute this command and you’re all set:

mkdir -p ~/.android && echo 0x1782 > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini && 
adb kill-server

If you have a Cherry Mobile Ace (powered by Firefox OS) device already, please join the discussions via this Facebook Group.

Firefox OS Smartphones Now in the Philippines!

Finally, the long wait if over for Pinoy fans of Mozilla’s Firefox OS!

Mozilla, through this blog post has announced the availability of Firefox OS devices in the Philippines through Cherry Mobile. The unit, called ACE has a 1GHz Single Core Processor, Dual SIM/Standby, runs on Mozilla Firefox OS 1.3T and has a 200-hour Standby Time.

Screenshot 2014-11-14 17.22.20

Mozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, is happy to announce that Cherry Mobile will launch the first Firefox OS smartphone in the Philippines in the coming days. Cherry Mobile will offer the customizable and affordable Firefox OS smartphone – ACE – to their customers providing unique Web experiences through its open source mobile OS. Moreover, key app providers including Easy Taxi and OLX will partner with Mozilla to enrich Firefox Marketplace and expand the Firefox OS ecosystem in the Philippines.

Cherry Mobile ACE, powered by Firefox OS at Mozilla Community Space Manila (MozSpaceMNL)

Cherry Mobile ACE, powered by Firefox OS at Mozilla Community Space Manila (MozSpaceMNL)

Bob Reyes Runs for Mozilla Reps Council Seat

As part of my campaign during this cycle’s Mozilla Reps Council Election, hereunder are my answers to the following questions:

What are the top three issues that you would want the Council to address were you to join the Council?

  • Lack of training on how to be an effective Mozilla Rep; turn Mozilla Reps into Leaders & Builders;
  • Inactive Mozilla Rep Mentors (and Mozilla Reps);
  • Make events organized by Mozilla Reps more strategic (local community-wise).

What is in your view the Mozilla Reps program’s biggest strength and weakness?

  • The Mozilla Reps Program’s biggest strength is enabling contributors (Reps) to have more self confidence to talk about the mission and projects of the organization.
  • The Mozilla Reps Program’s biggest weakness is the lack follow through on side projects and mentorship.

Identify something that is currently not working well in the Mozilla Reps program and which you think could be easy to fix?

  • The selection process and training for new Mozilla Reps Mentors is not working pretty well. Next to the Reps Council, Reps Mentors should act as guide to their Mentees and not just someone whose approval is required during Budget & Swags Requests. I believe that Mentors should be equally (if not more) active to the Reps Program than their Mentees.

What past achievement as a Rep or Mentor are you most proud of?

  • As a Mozilla Rep, being chosen as the July 2012 Featured Rep is already an achievement. To talk about Firefox OS on live nationwide television [http://youtu.be/RcoUrWyjYPQ] is a big achievement, not just for myself but for the local Mozilla Community as well.
  • As a Reps Mentor, having a Mentee chosen as a Featured Rep is an overwhelming achievement.

What are the specific qualities and skills that you have that you think will help you be an effective Council member?

  • Leadership
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Vast Community Experience (including those outside of Mozilla)

As a Mentor, what do you do to try to encourage your inactive Mentees to be active again?

  • As a Reps Mentor, I make it a point to get in touch with all of my Mentees on a regular basis (monthly or even twice monthly if their are not that active). I encourage them to get in touch with other contributors in their locale and help other Reps in organizing events.
  • Not just motivating as in simply sending them an email reminder of the things, I make sure that are given the sufficient guidance that they need. I encourage them to persevere and aim high so they can develop their potential. I open them to opportunities for them to level-up their skills and look forward to things in the Reps Program.

Calling All Pinoy MOODLE Admins & Users

I am a firm believer of the Open Web (isn’t that obvious)? I also believe that education must be available to everyone: anytime, any where and for free.

I fell in love with MOODLE way back 2003 when I started teaching Electronic Commerce in a local university. MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free software e-learning platform. Some call it as an LMS (Learning Management System), while some term is as a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). For me, I don’t care what type of e-learning software MOODLE is called for as along as it is kewl (cool) and free!

Now, I created a Facebook Group to call all MOODLE Administrators and Users in the Philippines to be united. It is quite a surprise when me and my team visit campuses, where MOODLE is still an unfamiliar term.

Philippine MOODLE Users Group in Facebook: