Attended the Intel Machinima Workshop

Got this invite from an email of Sir Ram posted in the MMA mailing list. I emailed Jill 2 days ago, as instructed, and got a reply from her confirming my seat to the FREE workshop this afternoon at the Ascott Makati (formerly known as Oakwood Premiere).

I must admit, I am NOT a gamer-type of person, proof is that I spent around half-a-day just to finish the first stage of Halo and another 3 hours trying to figure out how can I mount Chief to his vehicle on the next stage. A little bit faster the first time I played Command & Conquer Red Alert. But I know how to make (program) a game.

I wanted to be in this workshop to know what is “machinima“. Apprently, “machinima” refers to “machine cinema” — a new movement in filmmaking (click here to know more about machinima).

I got a little bit frustrated when the speaker from Intel told us what we are going to do in the one-and–half workshop: to create a “machinima” clip using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and Frapswelcome to BASICOM!! hehehe — using the Granada Espada game engine. Before the speaker started with his slides, all participants were asked to create their own Granada Espada accounts, if they still doesn’t have one (which I guess 75% of the attendees were not aware that such game, that includes me) — in short, advertising Intel’s Core 2 Quad processor (all of the Acer PCs were running with this type of processors plus a Mag cinema display LCD monitor) and the Granada Espada game.

So, after 10 minutes of “lecture” and “demo”, we were asked to create our own “machinima” clips, which will automatically be included in the contest that runs until tomorrow (you still have time to attend the workshop tomorrow). Took me around 15 minutes to tinker on the controls and flow of the game.
They had also allowed us to have copies of our Movie Maker files, thanks to the 1GB Apacer flash disks that they had provided. And before the workshop sessions ended, all attendees were given their “loot bags” that contains a literature on the current Intel microprocessors and a battery-powered mini-fan.


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