(Updated) Japan’s second largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA; IATA code is NH) will be was the first non-budget airline (and first non-Filipino airline) to use the NAIA Terminal 3 come since Monday, 28 Feb 2011. Hopefully, all (or even just some) of the foreign carriers operating at the NAIA Terminal 1 now will move to the Terminal 3 soon.

I was there during the send-off ceremonies for the inaugural flight:

And also during the flight’s arrival the night before:

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  1. DJ says:

    FINALLY, thx for uploading…an international airline is operating from T3, hope Cathay Pacific will follow….can you tell me how many counters ANA occupy and any other details?

  2. Bob says:

    Hello DJ! ANA occupies the entire Row A counters at the NAIA Terminal 3 (leftmost side if you are facing the terminal building).

  3. madz says:

    hi, just want to ask if are there any job openings for ANA? Thanks

  4. Asian airlines have much better services than mos other airlines in the world.

  5. francis j. picar says:

    i am leaving on January 31, 2013 my flight schedule is 9:45am. What time ANA counter opens? im from cubao, quezon city.

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