An Unusual Question from a GlobePH CS Staff

I called the Globe Telecoms Customer Service (211) this morning to inquire why I cannot use my GPRS using my prepaid SIM. Everything went well, at first. But when the Customer Service Agent fails to answer my questions, he then asked for my email address so that he may send me the instructions on how to set my GPRS properly.

Upon giving him my email address — [email protected] — he replied, “Sir, is that all capitalized?!”

Hahaha .. what a question? I told him to remember that NO email address is capitalized. My goodness!

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  1. I also had a disappointing experience with globe css because they are trying very hard to project an impeccable corporate image but they overlook the very basic thing that makes it — people –. they may hire the most attractive and beautiful ladies but sad to say don’t have the common sense and the most important skill of all, listening!

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