Adding a Currency in PlainCart

Installing PlainCart in your website will not give you the Philippine Peso as an option to be the default currency. If your target market is in the Philippines, and you would like to use the Philippine Peso as the currency to be used in your online store, you may need to tweak your MySQL database.

1. Login to your cPanel and launch the PHPMyAdmin module.
2. In PHPMyAdmin, choose the database you used for PlainCart, and locate the table “tbl_currency”.
3. Once “tbl_currency” is selected, click on the Insert tab.
4. In the field “cy_code”, key-in PHP or Philippine Peso or whatever currency you wish to use; in the “cy_symbol” field, type the currency symbol. Click on the Go button.
5. Login to the Shop Admin of your PlainCart installation and select the currency that you wish to be used as the default in your online store.

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