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To:  Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)

As someone already mentioned, profit is the main fuel of companies, actually that is why their people ventured into entrepreneurship at the first place. It is sad that there exist companies (on this petition’s case, a fairly large on in our country) with an absurd balance between customer satisfaction and their big fat income statement.

I am a subscribed PLDT myDSL customer, I am not happy at all.

A lot are, they go through many pains with this company, one of which is that you’ll almost never get to talk to their technical support people who on the other hand, will disappoint you since they don’t help at all. I think I speak for everyone who’s working late at night for a critical research they have to submit tomorrow, but due to the bad administering of this company’s broadband service, it won’t happen.

PLDT myDSL or Vibe, everyone has complaints that back up against each other, this is just too horrible.

PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP, bad enough that there are ridiculously long BBS threads among most Filipino “tech talk” sites about the said services.

This protest aims at combining all those into one direct complaint against the company.


The Undersigned

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  1. I really can’t believe that my Smart Bro connection is twice as fast as my PLDT DSL connection last term. For the past 2 years, my mother called PLDT to upgrade our 128kbps dsl into a 256kbps account but still, I’m getting disconnected. Aside from that, my dload speed is only about 12-15kbps. To top of that, they really had a terrible customer service attendant and technician. My Smart Bro connection has a jumping dload speed of 25-40kbps which totally owns my pathetic past PLDT DSL connection.

  2. I think I heard enough of people ranting of how disappointed they are about the “service” PLDT provide for their mydsl subscriber, I for a fact is beyond wits on how will I improve my internet connection here at home, I tried all sort of things, like asking for help from PLDT 172 hotline, which as expected is futile, I even tried setting up a opendns account in a desperate ploy to lighten my burden, but also to no avail.

  3. me also very disappointed w/ pldt dsl, my dsl line is busenes line, i am disconected for 3 days already, i always call there hot line but nothing happen. bulshit

  4. gudpm. follow up klang po line nmen, pinagpapasapasahan lng kmi e, lahat n ata ng agent nyo nakausap n nmen la pa ring nagagawang action, maghapon n lng kming twag ng twag, 1 month n, la paring gngawa. tnx

  5. Check your PLDT Bills carefully, guys. I found they were billing me for a service I had never solicited (Camp on Busy). Even if it’s just P50 a month, multiply that by millions of unsuspecting consumers like me.

  6. To whom this may concern,

    As a responsible citizen of this country, I’m firmly resolved to bring this complaint to the attention of PLDT and heighten the awareness of subscribers to what PLDT is offering in their business units all over the Philippines. I felt like victimized by a systematic fraud being offered by PLDT’s sales personnel who is offering “PLDT’s Wireless Internet at Home” whose features are far beyond the promises that they offer when dealing with inquirers. Let me enumerate several misinformation that they have presented me during product offer:

    1. I was told that the speed is up to 512 kbps – it’s indeed right that this is not a guaranteed speed (they say maximum) but not even getting half of what they’re advertising is completely ridiculous. This is a complete lie which they are proud to advertise. I tested the speed of the connection and its only getting 100 kbps. I might get satisfied if I’m getting at least 250 kbps but 100 kbps is completely unacceptable.
    2. Second, I was told by the sales agent that the modem has router function (manual states that the modem is WIFI capable) but upon checking the light of the modem, the wireless light is off. I checked with their customer service and was told that the WIFI function is deactivated. What kind of service is this? This is again another violation of what they have promised me. There’s not even a note in the package stating that the WIFI function is deactivated. I took their package because of the WIFI only to know that it doesn’t have any.
    3. Third, I returned the package to the sales branch in Quezon City and asked for a refund and was given a collection receipt which I need to bring to nearest business office. Upon going there, I was told that the refund is subject for approval and they are uncertain whether the P1200.00 I paid will be refunded. This really made me mad, I’m not able to use their service and yet they’re holding up my money and was being told to make follow-up to 171 which is really hard to reach. What kind of service is this? By the way, the person before me also returned the Internet at Home Kit mainly because of the same problem. Now who is lying here?

    I’m writing this to stop the false advertisement and systematic robbery that they are doing. I might sound very upset but I have the responsibility to let my countrymen know of this incompetent service that PLDT is offering. Enough of this false advertisement. I’m sure MVP is not happy with this but he deserves to learn this and stop the issuance of this package to the public. I might be small citizen challenging a company giant like PLDT but this is what I believe is right and I stand to tell the truth about this farce.

    I hope this letter gets to the ear of PLDT.



    Una palang niloko na kami ng service crew nila. Quick-kit na package diba 999.00 lang tapos pinapa-install sa crew ng pldt ang sabi ba naman magbabayad nalang dun sa technician. BWCET. Tapos madalas na-ddisconnect yung DSL! Dapat MAG-QUIT lahat ng CUSTOMER NG PLDT para mwala na sla sa MUNDO. BWCET. Sinasayang nila pera ng tao, panget ang serbidyo nila!!!!!

    ******AYOKO SA PLDT******

  8. Nakabili din ako ng PLDT landline prepaid plus at isang etong panloloko ng PLDT.. Hindi eto talaga prepaid isa etong postpai na kaylangan mong magload ng 300.00 every month to avail the service. Isang pandaraya.. isang malaking pandaray na hindi naman lang inilaborate noong bumili ako.. ang akala ko na kahit mag load lang ako ng 30 pesos pwede ko nang gamitin yung pala need to pay 300/month to activate.. Sana nag bayantel na lang ako na unlimited for 400.00.. At pangait pa ang hirap daw tawagan at hindi rin matxt.. pag ako naman tumawag 6 times kang mag redial bago maconnect.. PLDT manloloko tataga.. Ikalat ang pandaraya ng PLDT.. MANDARAYA, PALPAL, AT ANG BAGAL NG SERVICE KAYA NAGTIYATIYAGA NALANG AKO SA BAYATEL MAS OK PA SERVICE NILA!

  9. hi,
    i applied last may.
    got our phone installed last august.
    used it for 1 week.
    line went dead for 4 weeks.
    used it for another week.
    guess what, it’s dead again.
    i need help. i want to get PLDT so much bad publicity online.
    i dont know how to do it yet.
    to all the PLDT subscribers out there who are not satisfied with this company, i hope you’ll find a way to contact me.

  10. Why in the hands of God na ang nagiinstall ng dsl sa binondo ay mukhang wala sa sarili nila? Meron ba silang random medical check up or nababayaran. The company should be strict about the employees.
    Maraming salamat po.

  11. I have had nothing but trouble with PLDT billing department shu my service off without disconnect adding features without proper authoization. Over charged when upgraded service. They provide no answers why I recomend everybody file a complaint with NTC ntc.gov.ph if they get complaints in large numbers PLDT will liste,. Filing is free online and the goverment NTC will inquire of your complaint for you and may even fine PLDT. STOP PLDT. ntc.gov.ph (i had to use my chrome browser microsoft browser would not work) Stop PLDT ntc.gov.ph spread the word

  12. getting pldt my dsl was a BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!! i am here in the US and i need to talk to my family often so i asked my mom to get a pldt my dsl and they did. but the connection was really poor it was so slow that my brother got so mad everytime he used it even the landline dont work good… so in less than a month they decided to disconnect it… He went to pldt branch in paranaque and returned the modem and stuff… we thought everything was fine until this month… he was shocked when he got a bill from them it was just 3, 700 pesos but what the heck!!!! for what is that bill? you never used the service and you still need to pay???? and the worse part it is said THEY ARE GONNA SUE THEM IF THEY WONT PAY IT UNTIL AUGUST 30TH”!!! Really? e di mag demandahan nalang!!! oh im so mad all they do is to rip-off people even though they know by heart that thousands of customers are not happy with their service…. dont even try to fix it!!!! so disappointing!!!!

  13. PLDT really sucks! Last September 08, 2011 I call 171 to transfer my telephone and internet to my new address and every other day I keep getting an updates but the line was not transfer until October 06, 2011 when I wrote a complain letter addressing to them and rushing to their Paranaque North office freakin out. That day they rushed to my home and have it installed. But until now I have no dial tone and no internet connection. Ridiculous!!! They promised me a day after installation I could used the service fully. I call their customer service to follow up but she said, the technical teams having difficulty on configuration. Oh come on! This PLDT company is really BS!

  14. bakit po hindi maka connect ng wifi ..sabi naman sa plan may wifi na..eh bakit wala..hindi ako maka connect..walang kwenta naman ito uh ><

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