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TurfSite Manila [Philippines]

Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

TurfSite Manila [Philippines] - Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

Crazy Kart Makes Me Busy

I was lucky enough to be a Closed Beta tester of Crazy Kart Philippines, and has been addicted to it since last month. Got sad when I heard of the news that they are resetting the accounts by end of July 2008 to pave way for the Open Beta. Now, enjoying at Level 11, Crazy Kart Philippines makes me busy before going to bed at night — not sleeping until I Level Up! Trying to earn points so that I can retire my training cart and buy the jeepney ;) Here’s what transpired during my last race for the night.

  • jean says:

    hi.. i am addicted to crazy kart also, i was wondering how to earn money in the game so i can buy a new car? please do send me an email if you hava an idea. i know u have. Thanks a lot

    13 March 2009 at 00:28

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