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TurfSite Manila [Philippines]

Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

TurfSite Manila [Philippines] - Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

No More Coffee & Iced Tea For Me (For Now)

Last night, I was at school til around 8PM for my MMAPROJ advising. On my way down (inside the lift) I had difficulty in breathing — first thing that came into my mind is I need water. Went to 7-11, but I got Nestea instead. My throat got cleared by my chest wasn’t.

Immediately got a cab, and asked the driver to bring me to our place in Makati. But still have difficulty and breathing and felt a little bit dizzy (losing oxygen?). It was just around 3-4 blocks away from our house when I decided that this is it! I asked “Mamang Driver” to head straight to San Juan De Dios hospital.

My blood sugar level was tested (since their records revealed that my dad is a diabetic) and blood pressure checked — a whooping 150/110. I was immediately given medicines so that my “high blood pressure” can subside, and they had noticed that my belly was bloated — I told them it’s because I had a bottle of iced tea. Minutes later, my dad and brother arrived at the ER — as they were advised by the nurse (my wife was home with Robyn). Minutes after taking the medicine, I fell into sleep. Hours later, I was allowed to go home.

Today, it was my first time in almost a year to have a 12-hour sleep (it’s Eat Bulaga already when I woke up). Reading the diagnosis of the doctor last night, I was advised NOT to take coffee and iced tea to prevent getting a “heart burn” again.

This is the third time I got hospitalized in my entire life, second for the same incident (last was almost a year ago). So, no more coffee (Starbucks Torre Lorenzo, Figaro SDA 9th floor, & Nescafe Vanila/Hazelnut) and iced tea for me, for now.

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