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TurfSite Manila [Philippines]

Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

TurfSite Manila [Philippines] - Internet + Computer = Life! (version 3.20 build update 21012012)

Created My Own MP3 Ringtone

I envy my officemates who have MP3 ringtones (especially those who are using Nokia and Sony Ericsson units). But wait, my Motorola phone supports MP3 ringtones, I just need the right tone to be fed via the cable that I had purchased two months ago.

Yesteday, I started listening to the songs of the Juana Band, a budding local band that has a potential in conquering the Philippine music scene. Was able to convert one of their songs, Pansinin Mo as MP3, but it’s damn big!

A search thru friendly Google for a Free MP3 Editing software revealed WavePad (, which is quite good!

To download a sample of the MP3 file that I had edited, and now is my ringtone, click here.

(I hope that PARI will not sue me for this one. It’s not the full song that I had ripped into MP3 naman e.)

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