48 Hours of Darkness (and still counting)

It has been more than 48 hours already when power was shutdown in Luzon due to Typhoon Milenyo (internationally known as Xangsane). According to a newswire report, Meralco has already restored power to around 58 out of 659 circuits in the whole island of Luzon. Woah! That’s a lot of work to finish. I wonder if power can be restored in our place by today or latest by tomorrow.

A lot of trees were brought down by this typhoon in our village. Telephone lines, and even some cell sites are still down. I can hardly get a bar of signal strength via GlobePH inside the house. I need to go out in the street just to send an SMS.

There are still no classes in CSB today. I passed by the school on the way to Quiapo, and all of the gates were still closed.

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